3 Easy Methods To Install TWRP Recovery on Any Android Device

Welcome mates! Below we mentioned the 3 Awesome and easiest ways to install twrp recovery on your android device with and without a Laptop. Not only this you can also select any method to install twrp with and without Root. Sounds Interesting!

We recommend you, If you already know about merits and demerits then jump directly to the method with the help of navigation below. 

Let’s start –

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Projects. It is an open-source recovery software for android devices. It allows users to take a complete backup of an android device, install customized ROM, and allow to use of moded applications without harming the present state of your Android device. TWRP contains a lot of Merits and demerits. Meanwhile here I talking briefly about Custom recovery.

First, I guide TWRP installation via the official app of TWRP which requires root access.


TWRP Update not responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your own risk.

After that, I guide you on how you can Install recovery easily without the Rooting android device. Sounds good! bonus is that at last, I’m going to guide with the process with third-party apps. Is not it is interesting, comment below if you have any query. Rest keep learning. Check in-depth information on TWRP on Wikipedia.

Merits of TWRP Recovery

TWRP custom recovery has a lot of benefits. You can install custom ROM, use modified applications, Replace your stock ROM, Kernels, and much more. One of the most popular merits is that it will enhance your android device performance. Rooting is not essential for Installing TWRP Recovery. You can use those apps which are not comfortable with your device.

Demerits Of TWRP Recovery

With a lot of benefits, TWRP also contains cons, which can’t be neglected. Because with your single mistake you may permanently brick your device. You have to unlock your device Bootloader which is quite challenging. Because every device has a unique method to unlock the bootloader.

Some devices don’t officially allow to unlock the bootloader. Like Xiaomi, the process of unlocking Bootloader in Redmi is quite easy. But sometimes it takes a lot of time. Check out our Guide to Unlock Bootloader of Any Redmi device. By reading this you’ll get a complete idea of how things work.

Pre – Requirement for Installing TWRP Recovery

Before installing TWRP make sure you have to check out the below steps because these steps are mandatory for this process. They are –

  • Enable Developer Option and USB debugging
  • Unlock your device Bootloader ( Different for every device )
  • Android device battery should be charged at least 60%
  • A PC/Laptop and a micro USB port for connecting with PC/Laptop
  • Take complete Android data backup for future references
  • Some knowledge of Coding ( only require a few lines of coding )

These steps are essential in order to install Recovery on any android device. In case if you skip any step then you won’t be able to install Recovery. Get sure that you Ideally follow every step.

Guide to Install TWRP Recovery via official App

It requires root access of your device. You need to root your android device.

You don’t need to remember any command to install the latest twrp recovery with the help of this method.

Steps to Install TWRP Recovery Without PC

Install TWRP Application from PlayStore

  • Install App and accept Terms and Conditions ( Short for T & C )

Install App and accept Terms and Conditions

  • Now Tap the Option Run With Root Permission

Run With Root Permission

  • Next Select TWRP Flash Option and accept their conditions

TWRP Flash Option

  • Find your device or You can search your device by using the search bar

Search your device in the search bar

If Your Device Is Not Appear In The List. Then Don’t Go To the Next Step. Wait for your official TWRP file or twrp recovery img file for your android device. If you get your device file then follow the below step, but if you get your specific TWRP file, then wait for it.

  • Download the TWRP image file for your android device and save that file in the ROM (Internal Storage)
  • Go Back To The Application and Tap on ” Select a File To Flash

Select device and file

  • Now Find And select the TWRP image of your device
  • Select “Flash to Recovery” and then tap on Confirm

Everything is perfect, Soon the process will complete in a couple of seconds. You have successfully installed the TWRP Recovery img file on your device. Hope you enjoy and easily understand our step-by-step guide.

Note – With the help of these methods you can install twrp on almost all android versions including android 10, android 11 and older versions.

Congrats! once the process is done you have successfully installed TWRP Recovery on your Android device. If you want to confirm that TWRP is successfully installed or not, then follow or box the guide in order to check.

Make sure that you have successfully followed the above steps. Now the time to confirm. First, switch off your device and open it into recovery mode. After that Android device will restart and automatically go to the TWRP interface.

This whole method works only with TWRP official apk. I suggest that if you don’t find your device in the dropdown menu then don’t go for the next step. It may harm your device.

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery with Pc [No Need to Root] – 2 Method

Yes! you read right, it is possible to install TWRP Recovery with PC. This method doesn’t require root access to your device. But bootloader unlocking is necessary. It’s not magic just possible by some third-party tools and apk. Here I’m going to guide install you through the exact process.

Steps to Install TWRP Recovery Without Root

  • Download the Android SDK Platform Tools Official. Make sure that it meets your system requirements. Select the comfortable version that meets your system requirements. Once you did now the tool will download in the form of ZIP.
  • Now Download the Official TWRP IMG. For downloading this image you have to check out TWRP official website. After that look at the top right corner and find your device name in the dropdown list. You can download via typing your device model name in the “search-box“. After finding your device TWRP IMG downloads in your device ROM.
  • Next, you have to extract the Platform Tools which you download in the form of ZIP. Copy the TWRP.img which you download for your device and paste this img to the SDK Platform-tools folder. Now unlock the developer option and enable USB debugging to check the above guide.
  • Open Platform-tools folder and click any white space area,
    hold shift + right-click
     Good, now a menu will appear you have to select “Open Command window here” (cmd) A popup will appear i.e Command Prompt Window.
  • Connect your device with a PC/Laptop via USB cable. For connecting your device with pc you have to enable USB Debugging. Give access to your computer by taping “Always allow from this computer”.
  • Inside cmd, you have to Type
adb devices

Hit the enter button then your device will be listed in the command window.

In case you don’t find your device name in the command window it means your device is not successfully connected with PC/Laptop. Now, wait and try to connect again. 
  • Now type
adb reboot bootloader and press enter
  • By doing the above step device will go into Bootloader mode. Now again type
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Here I type twrp.img because I saved TWRP IMG with this name. But be sure that you have you enter that which you have given to that TWRP IMG.
  • At last type
fastboot boot twrp.img

Perfect! Once the above mention process is complete then the device will boot again automatically. TWRP begins installing it takes some time so wait until the TWRP is completely installed. Once this process did you can do anything with your device which you want i.e Root, take a backup of Android data, and much more.

I hope you like this guide. I try my best to give you good content and easy to implement an actionable guide.

Every step is necessary for installation, don’t skip any step it will cause the failure of installing TWRP Recovery. Make sure you have an unlocked system bootloader, then checkout and fulfill requirements, Now you’re good to go with video as well as a guide.

Guide to Install TWRP Recovery Via Odin Flash Tool – 3rd Method

This method requires a PC/Laptop to Install TWRP on Samsung Device. If you don’t have a PC then use the above method to install Without a PC.

Steps to install TWRP With Odin

Note – This method is specially mentioned for Samsung Devices.

  • Download Odin Flash tool for Samsung Device, And Extract it on your PC
  • Now you Have to Download TWRP for your Samsung Device from Here
  • Next Boot your Galaxy in fastboot mode
  • To Boot Your Galaxy Device in fastboot Mode, you have to Turn Off then Press and
    Hold Bixby + Volume Up + Power key
  • Now you have to Boot Galaxy Device in Download Mode, do that, turn it off and Press and hold Bixby + Volume Down button together to turn on the phone. Now press Up Screen to boot in Download Mode
  • Connect your Smartphone to your computer using the USB port
  • Now Open Odin on Your PC
  • Now ID: COM tab on your Odin will turn Blue which means your phone is successfully recognized by the Odin flash tool If it doesn’t reconnect your Device and check again.
  • Now tap on the AP button on the Odin Tool and Select TWRP recovery for Samsung Galaxy Device which you downloaded Before
  • Now Tap on Start Button
  • Sometimes you will see the “PASS” Button on the Screen which means TWRP recovery is successfully installed on your Phone

That’s it, now everything is done & you do better with this guide. Congrats you successfully installing TWRP custom recovery in Samsung Galaxy Device. Are you enjoying it? Leave a thought below.

Video Tutorial To Install TWRP Recovery On Your Android device

No matter what your android version is. If you’re following this tutorial then I’m 100% sure that you can easily able to install twrp recovery with the help of these actionable steps mention in this video.


So guys here is the complete guide about how to install TWRP recovery on any device. Here I shared the two personal methods which I’m using to Install TWRP. Now tell me which one you like the most. I’m Waiting for your response, Drop your answer in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At, last we added some FAQs so you will get a quick answer to your query. I hope this article is helpful to you. Comment below if you have any more queries, And last but not least by sharing this article you can help us. Sharing is caring ?

Can I install TWRP without root?

Yes, you can install TWRP without rooting an android device via some third-party apps. But if you want to install via the official TWRP Application then it will ask for root access.

Can I install TWRP without unlocking the bootloader?

No, well installing TWRP always require unlocking the bootloader. If you’re trying to install recovery without unlocking the bootloader then it may cause you to brick your android device.

Is it safe to install TWRP?

Yes, it is safe to install TWRP recovery on your android device. But follow some important steps to install successfully.

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