Top 5 Calendly Alternatives for Efficient Scheduling

Scheduling is very important in business that constantly seeks for effectiveness. Calendly has been a well-known option most professionals use to make time management easy, but there are top-notch other platforms available today that provide some unique features that you might not get in Calendly.

In this post, we will review the advantages and interferences of top five event management tools that work the same or better than Calendly so you can make wiser choices.

5 Best Calendly Alternatives

Here’s the list of personally tried and tested Calendly alternatives –

1. Doodle

Doodle is a well-known Web application that has over 30 million users every month, to schedule and collect the data. It has been known for its simplicity and functionality. It permits members of a group chat to notify the meetings, collaborations, and both polls and surveys at the speed of light to get instantly the feedback and opinions. 

Calendly and Doodle possess most of the same kind of features, such as e-mail reminders that allow you to specify your availability and create events immediately. Both channels offer alerts and notes to keep the participants notified and to minimize negative feedback on non-participation.

However, the main difference is that Calendly focuses on meetings, resolving the age-old “when to meet” problem.


  • Platform Support: The app is available for download on the App Store for iPad and iPhone.
  • Customization:Custom Design and Branding features to bring out the unique appearance of your events.Event
  • Management: Event scheduling tool, in order to facilitate and coordinate activities
  • Custom Subdomain:Having the competency to choose a custom subdomain for your Doodle account, and as a result, it will be easy to increase brand visibility.
  • Glance View:Feature which provides a quick way of displaying schedules and events in an easy-to-understand view.Ad-Free Experience (Premium): In the premium version, the ads are blocked and users can enjoy an ad-free experience, making the usage process more convenient.
  • Security:SSL Encryption to ensure that all data transmissions are secure and encrypted user┬áManagement: Tools users’ management, collaboration and coordination within the platform.


  • Sketches excelling at simplicity, it should have no problem creating quick and easy polls for finding the best meeting time.
  • Calendar platforms such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and others are fully integrated.
  • People can also choose different meeting times depending upon their occasion.


  • Lack of flexibility in many of its functions compared to other tools.
  • The basic functionality might not give users all necessary functionality for those more complicated cases.

2. strives to be friendly and user-oriented by offering individual booking pages and event notifications. It is possible to set rules for each page, users can promote appointments within their websites, and visitors can choose from many different appointment options, which makes coordinating schedules significantly easier.


  • Effortless Scheduling: Powered by 1M+ users across 100 countries for quick and easy appointment scheduling. The 1M+ people is the number of users worldwide for quick and easy appointment scheduling.
  • Flexible Availability Management: Through the scheduling panel, you can customize schedules, set durations, and automatically detect time zones.
  • Custom Notifications: Fewer no-shows with email confirmation tailored to the user and automated follow-ups.
  • Branding Control: Customize the booking page with colors of your brand and logo as well as having a smooth cross-device experience.
  • Team Coordination: Save time on team availability management, pick the team members and manage booking requests.


  • There are numerous customization choices for guiding users to modify each booking form as per their brand choice.
  • Provides calendaring capability that integrates smoothly with multiple calendar platforms. Listen to the given audio and repeat the given sentence. Who supplies the fuels for the vehicles and, consequently, the emissions?
  • To reach the level, options that enable booking as a group, buffer times, and individual and electronic reminders could also be included.


  • The new users would be likelier to have some difficulties with navigating the new system.
  • The free version only handles a limited amount of data.

3. Setmore

Setmore is a social scheduler that allows businesses to quickly schedule meetings (appointments) for their customers. It allows the businesses to set appointments at the most convenient time for them, by letting them to check their calendars, setting up reminders and accepting payments online.

Setmore in turn does not lag behind with a booking page communication that ties the customers and the business together.


  1. All-in-One Calendar: They can effortlessly continue with either or group classes on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Empower customers to self-book appointments round the clock via the Booking Page by customizing it to your preference.
  2. Online Visibility and Engagement: Share your Booking Page conveniently and interestingly to increase your online presence and customer base. Incorporate it with your website, Facebook, Instagram and QR codes for a seamless booking experience.
  3. Business Efficiency: Introduce auto-confirmation, email reminders, and SMS reminders to increase customer happiness. Give the possibility of repeating the appointments, the classes, and the staff logins for more complete scheduling.
  4. Multi-Platform Access: Get access to your calendar on iOS, Android, and desktop and book your appointments in the most convenient and simple way. Keep multiple calendars on the same page and get all the notifications instantly.
  5. Integration and Customer Satisfaction Intergrate Setmore with a wide array of business apps for increased functionality


  • Interface is simple and contains various tools of customization.
  • It is integrated with some popular calendars, Google Calendar and Outlook.
  • You can take a free trial of essential features of most of the plans.


  • More features like this may also demand for a premium.
  • It has limited scalability for most of the large enterprises.

4. delivers a set of appointment scheduling tools, which are made simple for the end user. The appointments can be sent in many ways to include making a booking using a booking website, use of a button for an off your website, a client app for users, and social media channel integration.

The web portal also has modestly marketing features that will ensure customer can use some different features such as appointment or bulk emailing to send out information on new services, products or promotions. Specific features for instance medical professionals could be granted enhanced security or a point of sales (POS) system could be introduced for in-person payments, the potential functions do not stop here.


  • Comprehensive Feature Set: We currently have more than 60 custom features including Booking, Business Enhancements, Look and Feel, Statistics & Analytics, and more
  • Booking Website Customization: Tailor your online Booking Page to your menu options, availability, and awe-inspiring reviews. Integration with Google Business, and Reserve with Google services.
  • Online Visibility and Engagement: The lack of integration into Facebook or Instagram business pages has been a major problem. Gift cards, coupons, and membership administration for escalated client engagement.
  • Payment Handling: Set prices, take online and offline payments, and make the track of transactions. Budget for field service commitment. People will be able to make deposits to the commitment.
  • Flexible Integration and Accessibility: Two-way syncing with Google and Outlook. Email notifications which are customizable and can be integrated with Google Meetings. Open your calendar and create an entry for your booking via iOS, Android, and desktop apps.


  • Full unlimited all access to all booking types like classes, memberships, etc
  • Complete reporting and analysis, strong reporting and analytics.
  • Scalable making it suited to the needs of every type of business.


  • The overload of the features might be the disadvantage, at least for some of the users.
  • These make purchasing Green products more expensive than others.

5. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a powerful, all-in-one online booking program for the companies. People can feel convenient and make reservations on the website in time.

Acuity is a tool that offers golf courses and clubs the tools such as calendar syncing, automatic sending of emails and text messages, and payment gateway integrations. Being an application with a lot of features and integration chances with other softwares, Acuity is a tool with a wide choice that can fit for many businesses or organizations.


  • Automated Scheduling: Automates client scheduling, hence, cutting on the time spent on the scheduling process. Provides your schedule online so people can see that and book sessions whenever convenient for them.
  • Versatile Applicability: Ideal for a range of appointment-based businesses, like salons, personal trainers, dog groomers, and the rest. These settings can be used for face-to-face consultations, virtual consultations, classes, workshops, etc.
  • Integration with Squarespace: Seamlessly integrates with Squarespace, that helps to manage your website, schedule and client communication. Work with all website providers that one might have, for flexibility.
  • Client Convenience and Engagement: Provides customers with 24/7 booking, rebooking, and rescheduling with their convenience in mind. Facilitates customer experience by means of intake forms, coupons, discounts, subscriptions, and appointment packages.
  • Time-Saving and Revenue-Boosting Features: Flexibility of options, such as limiting bookings and cancellations, should be included. Allowing no-shows due to lack of notifications and reminders is no longer an issue. Subscriptions, packages, gift cards, and add-ons can be in-cart upsells at checkout.


  • Several customizing options for booking pages with convenient forms will be provided.
  • After establishment of specialized packages for placing reserve and study area, the app should be decorated with comprehensive features as group appointments and class scheduling.
  • Integrates smoothly with assorted internet payment services.


  • The interface might seem harder for some people to navigate. Login
  • Then some of the advanced features will be available only on a higher-priced plan.

Wrapping Up

All in all, there is a need to take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each possible option to realize the best among other things, styles and personal preferences. If you are the kind that appreciates the best of convenience as well as simplicity, then Doodle should be your go to for setting up a date time. While these two platforms have similarities, may provide a more heftily customizable platform for such users.

While it is, for Sure, the customization, features, and scalability were put all together into one and makes shine. Through its easy-to-use, with many options to customize your activity along with its scalability, it is an excellent platform for businesses of all sizes.

Finally, each of these alternatives has its advantages, and the entity anticipates your appropriate appraisal of the needs when you are choosing. Every new day in the race of the competitive market of appointment scheduling apps passes, thus the gap between rival options to improve their efficiency in the process of arranging appointments narrows.

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