Download Latest Version Of Magisk Zip v21.0 & Magisk Manager APK 8.0.2

Hey, Guy’s Welcome to another awesome guide by TWRP update. In this article, we’ll completely guide you about magisk. How you can use and install magisk zip? A part of this article we’ll also provide you the downloading link of latest magisk APK, magisk flashable zip file, and Magisk Manager APK 8.0.1. Stay tuned with us because this article is going to be in-depth And teach you to step by step about magisk. Are you excited, buddy?

What Is Magisk?

Magisk is a systemless rooting system. It Root Your device without touching system and boot partitions. It helps you to modify your android device without doing any changes in the system. The Magisk is developed by Topjohnwu. It was launched in 2016.

Magisk is the Root Solution for all android devices. Doesn’t matter what your android version is. Magisk Helps you to Root your device in just a few minutes. Magisk provides you a lot of features like Magisk Hide, MagiskSU, Modules Repository, Magisk Mount.

No one application is available on the internet who Root your device as much fast and easy without having any Root knowledge. There are more than 100+ reasons you should use magisk. Below we’ll explain briefly why you should go with magisk only.

Pros Of Installing Magisk Zip

There are 100+ advantages of install magisk apk for Rooting. Below we mention some important points that will help you to understand about magisk. It also encourage you to install this application.

  • You can Root your android device
  • You can Hide the Root status from any installed application
  • Manage Root Permission
  • Tweak the application without meddling the system files
  • Remove Custom Kernels i.e Force encrypt & dm-verity

These are some most loved advantages of magisk. Do you know? After rooting your android device you’re not allowed to use any banking application. Because of the security issues. But with the help of magisk, you can easily use any banking application, Interesting!

Let me explain what magisk do to run banking applications. Magisk hides the root status from that banking application, as a result, a magisk user can use banking application. You can control yourself from which app you want to hide the root status of the device.

This is the only reason that magisk is the most loved root application in the world. Let’s explore more.

Features Of Magisk

As we already know magisk is also known as the “systemless” root method. It does all work without meddling any system files. Sounds crazy!
Many other application which is quite popular in the Root field is not comparable with magisk. Because they’re not providing any features like magisk.

KingRoot, KingoRoot, and zroot all the popular but they’re not safe as much as magisk is. Sometimes many third party applications install Spywares in our device, which is quite harmful to our privacy.

Important Features

  • It doesn’t change any system files while rooting your or after rooting your android device.
  • Magisk is free and open-source software. It’s mean anyone in the world allowed to use this application.
  • Magisk allows you to hide the Root status from any application which is installed in the device. And this activity is controlled by the user.

Download Magisk Zip And Magisk Manager

There are a lot of android versions available for magisk zip and magisk zip apk. So we decided to list all the versions of magisk zip and apk.  We mention the download links of  latest version. Hope it helps you.

Magisk zip file

FileMagisk Zip (Flashable)
SupportsAndroid 5.0+
Latest ReleaseSeptember 2020


All files are uploaded by us and you can directly download via these links. These files are safe on our google drive. So you can download anytime whenever you need it. We’ll update these files time to time.

Download Magisk Manager APK 8.0.1 for Android

magisk zip apk

File Name: MagiskManager-v8.0.1apk

Version: 8.0.0

Size – 3 MB



magisk zip apk


Version: 20.4


Other download links for the old version of magisk zip and magisk manager are given below. Just click and download.

Download the Magisk Zip and magisk manager apk via above mention links. 

Guide To Install Magisk Zip On Your Android Device 

The Installation Process Of TWRP is not much hard. If you’re our regular user, then it’s not difficult for you. Make sure you download the latest TWRP file for your device. You can install the flashable zip without facing any difficulty If you already have TWRP Recovery. Above we already mention the latest magisk zip file and magisk manager apk file. All these are hosted on our google drive so just click and download.

There are lots of ways through which you can install Magisk on your smartphone. You can easily install Magisk just by using TWRP Recovery. On the other hand, you can patch the stock boot kernel and install the modified boot on your android device. Interesting! Let’s explore more.

I hope now you understand install magisk is not difficult. If your device is already Rooted and still you want to install magisk on your device then no problem, just unroot your device and delete the Root application. Finally, install the Magisk with the help of TWRP.

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery 

Below we already guide how you can install TWRP Recovery and also how to install magisk with and without TWRP Recovery. Hope this guide helps you. Read below for info.

TWRP stands for TeamWin Recovery Projects. It allows the user to customize the android device. So you can make system changes. You can’t change the system setting without the help of TWRP.  There are a lot of things which you can do after installing the TWRP on your Device.


  • Enable Developer Option and OEM unlocking
  • Unlock device bootloader and charge device battery
  • Install ADB driver in your PC and Extract it into C:/drive
  • A Laptop / PC is a must to install TWRP Recovery

Steps to Install TWRP Recovery

  • Download the TWRP file of Your Android device then Renamed to twrp.img check out here –
  • Now copy that file and open Local Disk C.
  • In Local Disk C find the folder named ADB. Open the folder and paste the recovery there.
  • Next open PowerShell or Command Prompt, by holding the Shift + Right-click.
  • Now choose either PowerShell or Command Prompt.
  • Turn off your smartphone then boot into “fastboot mode”
  • Guide to boot fastboot mode, press Volume down and Power button together to turn on fastboot mode
  • Now type
    fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img
  • By entering that TWRP it replaces the stock recovery of your phone
  • Now type command
     fastboot reboot

    without spell mistake

By following this guide anyone can easily install TWRP Recovery on their device. Rather than you have any query in your mind make sure you drop in the comment section.

Hope you enjoy it. 

Install Magisk Using TWRP Recovery

  1. Download the latest Magisk Zip file and moved into the internal memory
  2. Open TWRP Application and click on Install Button.
  3. Now find the downloaded magisk file and click on the file and proceed
  4. After selecting the zip file you have to Swipe to confirm the flash

Once the installation is done, Tap on the reboot button to reboot your android device.

All done! Now you can install the Magisk Manager Application in order to enjoy the systemless Root which is the most popular feature of Magisk.

How To Uninstall Magisk & Unroot Android Device 

Do You Want to unroot your device? Then just follow these simple steps. 

Here the exact steps – 

  • First,  Open the Magisk Manager Application 
  • Then click on the “uninstall” button 
  • Next, confirm the installation just by tapping COMPLETE UNINSTALL
  • Wait for a few seconds and once the process is complete, Reboot your device. 

You successfully uninstalled the magisk and unrooted your android device. Did you see how easy to unroot your device? 


This article completely dedicated to guiding you on how to install Magisk with and without TWRP. A most important part of this article we also added the latest version of magisk zip and magisk manager.

In starting we guide you what is magisk. It’s an advantage and how it helps you. After comparing the similar apps we reach the opinion that magisk is the best application to root your android device along with tremendous features.

Hope you love this article.

Still, you have any queries in your mind make sure to drop your query in the comment section. Our team will solve it as soon as possible.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question About Magisk)

The most asked queries about magisk, if you have more questions in your mind the drop a comment. We’ll update this article with the answer of your question.

How To Uninstall Magisk Manager?

First,  Open the Magisk Manager Application 
Then click on the “uninstall” button 
Next, confirm the installation just by tapping COMPLETE UNINSTALL
Wait for a few seconds and once the process is complete, Reboot your device. 

How to flash magisk zip with twrp?

Download the latest Magisk Zip file and moved into the internal memory
Open TWRP Application and click on Install Button.
Now find the downloaded magisk file and click on the file and proceed.
After selecting the zip file you have to Swipe to confirm the flash.
By following above mention points you can easily flash Magisk with the help of TWRP.

Can i delete magisk zip after install?

Yes, You can delete magisk zip after install. Just open the magisk manager application and click on complete uninstall. You successfully uninstall or delete the magisk zip.

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