5 Reasons why you should install TWRP Recovery

TWRP recovery will give you lots of benefits like you can root your phone, install custom packages and custom ROMs and do much more things that you usually don’t do with a stock android device.

If You can flash official OTA updates manually on TWRP. You can remove bloatware without flashing any file or apk on ( TWRP ).

TWRP makes it possible to install unsupported zip files like Xposed framework, EZ package installer, etc. This recovery provides a touchscreen interface that makes it very easy and simple to use and navigate through your phone.

It will allow you to make a complete nandroid backup of your device so that if something goes wrong with your phone you can restore it from the TWRP backup file. TWRP will also allow you to wipe individual partitions like Dalvik cache, system, data, etc.

TWRP is available for many devices on the official website twrp.me

How TWRP helps during rooting?

If Your android device is not rooted before installing TWRP, then after installation of TWRP there are chances that you’ll be able to root your device without any problem, TWRP makes it possible to root android devices very quickly and easily.

How TWRP helps during installing custom ROMs?

TWRP recovery is required for installing custom TWRP ROMs on your device, usually when any TWRP supported android phone gets an official update the TWRP team releases a flashable zip file that can be flashed via TWRP in order to get the latest OTA update on your device.

If you are using TWRP then there are no chances to get stuck at the boot logo after updating because flashing the TWRP’s systemless will bring up the old version of system files so there are no issues with this procedure.

So if you want to install TWRP recovery on your phone then you’ll be able to install custom roms very easily.

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How TWRP helps during removing bloatware?

TWRP makes it possible to remove unwanted factory apps from your device, which is also known as bloatware, TWRP gives the ability to remove these apps by just taking a backup of original system files and then flashing them back if needed.

These stock package files are present in /system/app directory and TWRP has a built-in file manager that allows you to navigate through all these directories inside TWRP recovery.

If you want to remove any particular application from the system app list then select the application from the TWRP’s file manager and click on the option that says mount r/w, this will mount your phone’s system partition as read-write so now you have the ability to delete any file from TWRP.

You can also uninstall these applications from TWRP by clicking on the option that says install, after selecting the deb package folder TWRP will ask for confirmation whether you want to flash or not after which TWRP will automatically flash that within a few seconds.

So TWRP lets you remove bloatware without flashing any file.

How TWRP helps during applying a full nandroid backup?

TWRP allows you to make a full nandroid backup of your phone which can be restored later whenever you like via TWRP, TWRP’s backup manager allows you to make a full system image backup of your device.

This TWRP backup is very helpful if something goes wrong with your device or if you want to update it to the latest build then TWRP lets you restore the previous TWRP backup that was made before updating so that all your data remains intact.

A complete TWRP backup also helps during upgrading/downgrading android versions, because when there are no TWRP backups available on your phone for this version then again TWRP will ask for confirmation about applying an older twrp backup onto this new version so TWRP’s backup manager has the ability to restore android TWRP backups.

How TWRP helps during making a TWRP flashable zip file?

TWRP gives the ability to create TWRP flashable zip files, which can be flashed via TWRP recovery or any third-party application like CWM etc.

These TWRP zips are generally created by developers and they’re available on xda forums and other third party websites, in order to install these TWRP flashes you need to rename this file into update.zip that’s it then you’ll be able to install these twerps using any custom recovery like cwm, Kyocera, etc.

Also, TWRP twerk zip files can be used to install custom roms on TWRP supported devices, TWRP twerk zips are like factory images that will wipe your device completely and install brand new system files, TWRP twerps are highly recommended while installing custom ROMs because they contain the latest system partition that is required for installing any custom rom.

You can download TWRP twerk flashable zip files from xda forums or some other third-party website.

So these were some of the main reasons why you should definitely install TWRP recovery on your android phone.

Final Words

We know that a lot of our readers are looking for a way to install TWRP Recovery. The great thing about TWRP Recovery is that it is a custom recovery that gives you more control over your system.

You can do things like flash custom ROMs, backup your system, and even fix common issues. It’s a great choice, and we hope that you’ll consider trying out TWRP Recovery.

Since you have finished reading this blog, we hope you have gained a better understanding of TWRP Recovery. We know that you will find a great use for a custom recovery like TWRP in the future, and we would love to hear from you in the comments if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

We would also love to hear from you if this blog was able to help you in any way! Thank you again for reading, and we hope to see you soon!

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