The Best Photoshop Tools

Photoshop is a powerful tool for photographers and designers. But despite a large number of flexible settings, users often lack specific functions: for example, to work with multiple layers simultaneously or to automatically export modified elements.

That’s why Photoshop plug-ins are created – third-party programs that run inside Photoshop and optimize its work.

The Best Photoshop Tools
The Best Photoshop Tools

Here are the most popular tools for designers and photographers.


If you work as an interface designer, you know how important it is to provide good specifications to developers so that they implement the design with pixel-for-pixel accuracy.

For many, the specification and annotation phase is the longest and most difficult, so the SpecKing plugin takes care of the chore. It lets you instantly measure any size, margins, and font properties in any PSD file and get a finished design specification.

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The plugin works as easily as picking betting lines. It facilitates work with layers, allowing you to perform operations on them simultaneously.

All you need to do is select the layers or groups you want to change and apply one of the plugin’s four functions: changing style, position, visibility, or all at once.


A plugin that will be loved by anyone who often works with layout. It divides the text into columns and adapts it when editing.

Even if you change the text in a layer, it will be redrawn according to the number of columns and the distance between them.


UberData allows you to work with your own data sets in public JSON APIs, RSS news feeds, JSON files, text files, and image folders. This tool comes in handy for UX/UI designers to populate interface templates with real data.

In new versions, the developers promise to add work with CSV, Excel, and Google Sheets.


The plugin allows you to create isometric images in a couple of clicks. The editor has 4 isometric orientations, a cuboid generator, and a 50-pixel isometric grid for any document size.

Random User Generator

Designers often find that interface prototypes need to be filled with photos of random people, for example for user profile screens.

Random User Generator speeds up this process by creating random, plausible names and photos of people.

Ditto Photoshop Extension

Another plugin for those who want to optimize their work with Photoshop. It lets you set variables for fill color, line text, visibility, font size, font family, font color, line height, X position, and Y position.

This tool is handy for creating design systems with repeating elements.

This plugin simplifies teamwork in the design: it allows you to leave comments on the layout, synchronizes and shares them, and automatically exports elements that were changed during the last session.

You just need to use the prefix you want to export, and the plugin does the rest. For example, the ico prefix is used for vector icons, while img is used for raster images.

Seamless Texture 2

A handy tool for designers who develop branding. It creates seamless patterns from images. You can make a texture with mirrored reflections of objects or expand a monotonous image – such as water, grass, or patterns.

Perspective Mockups

If you want to showcase your work in a portfolio, such as website design projects, mobile interfaces, or presentations, this plugin will help design them.

It has several mockups with changeable parameters. You can adjust the size, rotation angle, and perspective of the layout.

Image Extend

The plugin increases the size of images by extending the edges. If you resize without the plugin, just by increasing the width and height, the quality of the photos will be worse.

But Image Extend adds new pixels to the image by filling in new areas based on existing content or by repeating the image along the edges, so the quality of the photo does not suffer.

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Portrait Pro

A plugin that will do the retouching of portraits for you. It can be used on all types of photos, but it specializes in portraits.

The tool allows you to divide the photo into different areas – hair, eyes, nose, lips – and then edit them individually. The plugin also detects the face, sex, and age of the model and offers automatic retouching.

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