How To Play Rust? | 7 Powerful Rust Tips For Beginners

If you’re a newcomer to the Rust Game, the two most important tips to survive are Tactics/Planning and Vigilance. Rust is engrossing and addicting, yet brutal, especially for beginners. The more levels you unlock, the tougher Rust becomes. With more experience players in the environment, every newcomer’s life is at stake. Hence, players now perceive Rust as the most vicious survival game ever played. If you’re not attacked by zombies or animals, you become prey to other players. 

Rust Game

Here are 7 Powerful for Beginners!

Meanwhile, there are so many powerful tips and Rust Hacks you can implement to last longer on Rust. Tired of being the loser? 

  • Be Wise When Connecting to a Server

The server you join determines your gaming experience. Rust exposes you to a wide range of servers with thousands of players. The servers include Official, Community, Modded, Friends, Favourited, and History.

If you choose from the Official Server tab, your chance of completing a task alive will reduce completely. Most of the servers are old enough to have raised many experienced players. 

As a beginner, choosing a server from the Community Tab is advisable. There you can find beginner-friendly players that will let you start and enjoy the game while you can.

Also, you can search for tags like “beginner” to find other ideal servers for beginners. Meanwhile, if you’re ready for a fierce trial, you may choose a server from the Official tab.

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  • Collect as Many Essential Resources as You Can

As a beginner, you must always create a starter home with wood. The three essential resources you need are wood, stone, and hemp plants. With the stone, you can knock down one or more trees to collect enough wood for your home.

The purpose of gathering the hemp plant is to create a custom respawn location. If you can gather up to 30 pieces of cloth from the hemp plant, you can make a custom respawn point in Rust-‘Sleeping Bag.” One more thing – always create your respawn point occasionally. 

  • Choose Your Base Location Wisely

Look out for well-hidden locations to set up your base/home. You may explore the forest to find the safest place for your base. 

Since you’ve gathered as much wood as possible, you may select a spot and start building your base. With the wood, you can set up the base foundation, campfires, doors, storage box, walls, etc.

Base in Rust can decay. So, you must monitor and maintain your base. To provide more security to your stuff, create double doors in the base. 

  • Never Ever Ignore Your Health 

Don’t be surprised, but you’ll need food to live longer in Rust. Apart from being attacked or injured in the game, starving can reduce your health. From 100/100, beginners’ health can drop to 60/100 if they don’t eat.

On the river shores, you can find lots of mushrooms and pumpkins to eat. Over time, players get hunting weapons. Since animal meat boosts health more than plants, beginners may need to start hunting to survive.

  • Build a Weapon 

You can build a portable Stone Axe with 200 wood and 100 stone. Since you could be attacked at any time by the unknown, it’s important to build a weapon ahead of time. 

You can also build a gun and hunting bows with metal fragments and scrap from the fishing village in Rust. While you could draw the attention of enemies to yourself with a gun, you can stick to a hunting bow for silent attacks.

  • Locate Radiation-Free Monuments for Camping

Although larger monuments contain valuable resources, they are prone to high radiation. On the other hand, small monuments with less yet vital resources have zero radiation.

The gas stations and the fishing camps are among the small monuments ideal for camping. So, to survive, you must avoid high-level radiation while camping in one of these small monuments.

  • Make Night Light Your Enemy

Igniting any source of light or fire during the night puts your life at risk in Rust. You’re drawing attention from animals, zombies, and other vicious players. 

To be safe, cook all you need in the daytime and never at night. More importantly, do not walk around with firesticks too. 

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Rust is fun for old players but somehow frightening for beginners. But if you can follow the 7 powerful Rust tips above, you’ll live longer. So, craft more weapons, build a new base, craft radiation armor, and attack enemies. 

Also, don’t forget the sleeping bag to pinpoint your respawn point. Get the materials you need fast and start working now. 

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