How to install Custom Rom on LG Tribute Empire Lmx220pm?

In this article, I’m gonna guide you to how to install Custom ROM on LG Tribute Empire Lmx220pm easily. First, I want to clear something about installing custom ROM on LG Tribute Empire Lmx220pm may be beneficial for you or maybe not. There tones of pros of Installing Custom ROM in your device.

In the end, we will suggest you a trusted website for downloading custom ROM LG device. Below we discuss step by step but at mean I want to show you some key features of the LG stylo device. So without wasting your time lets start –


TWRPUpdate is not responsible for any kind of loss and mishappening. Choose the best ROM for your device. Make sure the website where you download your device ROM is trusted. Because sometimes device ROM may be corrupted as a result your device will brick. Choose the best ROM for the LG device and do it at your own risk.

What is Custom ROM?

Customs ROMs are the ROM like our Stock ROM but these are more customizable. These types of ROMs developed by the community of devs. Its comes with some more feature than our stock ROM that why people like custom ROMs. Nowadays a lot of custom ROM available in the market for specific devices.

It’s always nice to read Pros and Cons before doing anything. So here we added some major pros and cons. By reading this guide you’ll get crystal clear idea how beneficial to install a Custom ROM. Hope you got my point.

Merits of installing Custom ROM

There are tons of benefits of installing a custom ROM but here we only mention some major. Because most of the benefits are not usable or you already know about it –

  • Update the latest version of android device
  • An update is not only for one time, you’ll get regular updates because dev’s are trying to improve the ROM.
  • More features than default stock ROM
  • Device performance will be like butter if its install properly

The above mention features are enough to excite you to install Custom ROM on LG Tribute Empire Lmx220pm device. Now below we mention some cons of installing ROM, make sure you read this.

Demerits of Installing Custom ROM

Well, there are not only pros. here we mention some demerits of custom ROM. May be anyone reason is enough to change your mood to install ROM on the LG device.

What happen if you lost your device warranty? You’ll not able to claim any damage insurance or warranty benefits. Example – Maybe your device will brick during installing Custom ROM and after that, you’re going to the customer care then they will refuse to repair your device. The reason is only, you’re not following company guidelines to claim damage reference.

  • After installing Custom ROM your device warranty would be lost completely. No matter it works or not. Because by default manufacturer of LG device would not allow you to install a customized ROM on their device.
  • Check your custom ROM before installing because sometimes the ROMS are corrupted as a result device will brick. So be careful during installing Custom ROM on Tribute Empire Lmx220pm device.

Steps Before Installing Custom ROM

Every step is essential to installing custom ROM if you skip anyone, then the result is not desirable. We suggest you install this customize ROM very carefully-

Keep it in mind that unlocking bootloader is also an important step to success in this process. The above mention is must require before installing a customized ROM. I hope you understand and follow our tips.

If you’re facing issues during installation of ROM then drop down your comment to get your answer. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

Guide to install Custom ROM on LG Tribute Empire Lmx220pm Via TWRP recovery

Let’s talk briefly, how to install custom ROM on the Tribute Empire Lmx220pm device step-by-step. This guide is completely dedicated to guiding you the process via TWRP recovery –

  1. First, Download your device custom ROM from XDA Developer
  2. Charge your device battery at least 60%.
  3. Now Boot your device into TWRP recovery mode. For doing this switch off your LG device and hold
    Power button + Volume down

    button at the same time.

  4. Take a complete backup of your stock ROM for future reference. This backup is important because if your device will brick then you can restore your backup, which is more important than your device.
  5. Now, go to wipe and “Swipe to Factory Reset”
  6. Press the back button and tap on install, Now the Custom ROM file which you downloaded. After that
    swipe to confirm flash
  7. At last, Reboot your device

That’s all! you have successfully install Custom ROM on your LG Tribute Empire Lmx220pm device. Now customize your device as you want. Dropdown your query in the comment section. Your suggestion will help us to improve ourselves.


At last, we want to tell you some tips. Installing custom ROMs is not tough, but verify which custom ROM is best and not corrupted is difficult. This complete guide is dedicated to guiding you on how to install Custom ROM On LG Tribute Empire Lmx220pm. Always make sure that for official ROM visit XDA developers website. Because there is a community of dev who helps each other.

TWRP Update is not responsible for any loss. The website which we recommend in this article is trusted so you can download Custom ROM for your android smartphone. Read this article carefully and follow the step-by-step process to install ROM.

So, guys, this is my personal step by step method to Root my LG device. Now it’s your time to root device, Don’t forget to drop down your honest feedback in the comment section.

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