How To Root Moto e5 Play?

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Today in this article, we’ll guide you on the Root Moto e5 Play android device. The Method which we’re going to explain is easy to implement.

That’s mean anyone can root their Moto device by using these methods. Here we’ll guide three different method to root your Moto e5 Play device with and without a PC.

Yes, You read right! Right now, you can easily root your device without using a PC. Don’t worry; we’ll deep dig into this topic. Before implementing an actionable guide, make sure you know entirely about android rooting.


The root will void the device warranty and sometimes cause device brick. So in that, we’ll not be responsible for any loss.

Everything depends on you. Do at your own risk.

Root users are increasing day by day, but many of them don’t know how to root their devices. To solve this issue with proper guidance, we’re going to show you three ways to root any android device. Are you excited?

But first of all, Do you know what root is? Most probably no. Don’t worry here about the actual android rooting mean.

What Is Android Root?

Root gives user privileges over the android Operating System. Origin permits android users to customize their android devices without any permission. That means you can easily edit any android files, which is impossible for a regular android user.

PS – Don’t edit files un-necessarily. Because if anything has gone wrong, then the device will brick. 

Root your Moto device for education and learning purposes, rather than playing with system configuration.

Need Of Root Moto e5 Play

By default, your Moto e5 Play device contains a lot of useless applications. The bad part about this is you can’t remove this system bloatware without system permission.

Then I’ll buy this device if I can’t customize it according to my need. Right!

Here’s the root comes. Root gives complete administrative access to the user’s hands. So users can remove, install third-party apps without and permission. Sounds Good!

Rooting Moto e5 Play device has its pros and cons, which we’ll cover below.

The root comes into play for customizing devices according to the user’s need.

Pros & Cons Of Android Root

Before going to root, you need to know how root will give you benefits or how it can be harmful to your device, Right?

We strongly recommend reading all advantages and disadvantages before rooting the Moto e5 Play device because it’ll give you an overview of how root will provide you with more advanced access to your existing Moto device.

Advantage Of Root Moto e5 Play

Here’s we’ll talk about the benefits which root gives you. Let’s start –

  • You can install the unverified application without any system permission.
  • Access to any customize application without seeing the boring ads.
  • Easily install Custom ROM on Moto device.
  • Able to remove system pre-installed application.
  • You can be easily able to install the Android 11 Beta Custom ROM.

Cons Of Root Moto e5 Play

There’s lots of disadvantage to root Moto device. But two significant reasons will mention here. We can guarantee you that 80% of people will leave their mindset to root their device after reading it. Here start –

Device Warranty Void

As it is clear from the heading, the Moto e5 Play device’s warranty will void completely. Due to this, you can’t claim anything related to your system hardware and software. Even it is under guarantee; it doesn’t sound nice!

Security Issue

Once you Root the Moto e5 Play device, your android device will no longer secure. Anyone can easily access your data via a third-party application.

Due to rooted device. None of the banking applications will work on your device because banks don’t allow the conventional device to access their application.

Vital Steps Before Root Moto e5 Play

Make sure you’re following the steps which are mention below.

  • First, unlock Moto e5 Play bootloader easily.
  • Charge device battery 60-70%
  • Ensure you have a PC/Laptop if you’re following the PC method to root the Moto device.

These things are mandatory before implementing any method. Rest vital steps we’ll give with the Method which you’ll follow.

Root Moto e5 Play Via Magisk – 1st Method

This Method is the most trusted in the rooting industry. We’re also testing most of the devices with the magisk Method. So above mention first two vitals steps are mandatory for the magisk Method.

Here are the steps to root –

Most recommend Method to root the Moto e5 Play device safely.

Steps To Root Via Magisk –

  • First, Of all, Download the latest magisk zip for Moto e5 Play.
  • Switch off your Moto Device and boot into the recovery mode
  • Now Press and hold the volume up + Power button, and don’t leave until you see the boot logo. And always note down, don’t release the volume up buttons until the TWRP mode open in the device
  • Tap on install and select the downloaded magisk zip file
  • Now your device screen will look like this below screenshot

As you’ll see, the button on your screen, i.e., “Swipe to confirm flash,” Right! Just Swipe up, and you’re done. Congrats, you have successfully Root your Moto e5 Play device. 

This Method is easy to follow and implement. Still, you have any questions, then comment below to get an instant answer.

Meanwhile, we’re moving to another method to root the Moto e5 Play device.

Check out the user guide to install TWRP Recovery On the Moto e5 Play android device.

Guide To Root Moto e5 Play Via KingoRoot App – 2nd Method

This Method will hardly take 5-10 minutes to root your device. KingoRoot is also a popular application to root Moto devices.

Here are the steps to follow.

Unlock bootloader is a mandatory step for all the methods to root Moto.

Without unlocking bootloader no one step is possible to implement.

Steps to Root Moto e5 Play Without PC

  • Make sure you download the latest KingoRoot Application.
  • Now open the application and tap on “One Click Root.”
  • Next, the app will soon start the Rooting Process.
  • Once the rooting process will be done! You’ll get a notification, i.e., “Root Succeeded.”

Sounds Easy!

Yes, it’s easy but make sure you follow the steps mention above. You don’t need any PC and Laptop to implement this Method. Just download, follow the steps, and install and done.

Guide To Root Moto e5 Play Via One-Click Root – 3rd Method

One-Click-Root is also a widespread application to root Moto e5 Play device in 5 Minutes. Sounds Crazy!

Yes, it is. Many people love their support, and it’s paid version.

PS – PC/Laptop may be required to implement this Method. But you need to follow the two vitals steps mentioned above (Vital information paragraph).

Once you pay them, they’ll give a 100% Guaranty to Root your Moto device. Else they’ll refund 100% money.

Rather than it is paid, we’re recommending it to you. Because once you talk to them and pay their fees, it’s entirely their responsibility to root your device.

Steps To Root Moto e5 Play Via One Click Root

  • Go to the official One Click Root Website – Check out
  • Next, Tap on Root Now Button.
  • Then type your device brand, then model and click on the Next button.
  • Next, you need to select your device version and click on Verify device Rootable.
  • If you get the status that your device is rootable, you need to pay the fees, and the rest of One Click Root will be done.

We hope all steps are easy to perform. Still have any query in your mind then drop your question in the comment box. Our team will reply as soon as possible.


Rooting an android is always full of fun. Because you know that you’ll cross the android limitation, but for some newbies, rooting can dangerous. Suppose they don’t follow steps carefully.

The first two methods are popular (Magisk and KingoRoot) and require a PC/Laptop to root your Moto e5 Play android device. At the time of implementation, make sure you follow the vitals steps.

But if you don’t want to root with a PC/laptop, the king root and One Click Root and enough to complete your needs. Sounds Fabulous!

The last Method is paid and secured by a third party. Suppose you’re a noob and can root your device correctly or fear to brick your device. Then go for paid Method.

I hope you understand.

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