Guide To Install TWRP Recovery And Root Vivo V20?

Hey Vivo V20 Lovers! Welcome back to another how-to guide. This article is going to be in-depth about the process of the root. By reading this you can Root Vivo V20 easily. Are you excited about the root Vivo device? Let me help you to guide the exact process.

Rooting and installing TWRP Recovery on android device is risky without proper knowledge. We’re not responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your own risk.

As you know by rooting your device will act as a super android device. But what’s the exact process is? And how can you distinguish root is beneficial for your device.

Don’t worry I’ll clear all doubts about rooting android devices. Apart from this, I’ll also mention the important things, which are a must for rooting any android device. Let’s explore more about Root. Before rooting you have to do a lot of things like unlocking the bootloader and Install TWRP Recovery on your device.

What is Android Root?

Root gives you access to modify the system codes, which is impossible for non-root users. Let me explain in a simple manner.

Root means you can add or remove some system files which is blocked by the device manufacturer. After root, you can add a lot of os codes in your device. Sounds crazy!

Pros Of TWRP Recovery On Vivo V20

Install Official TWRP Recovery so you’ll get lots of benefits. Like you can take a complete backup of the android device. TWRP app helps you to root your device. 

Once you install the TWRP Recovery then you can install custom ROM and install the modded version of the application.

In other words, you can use paid applications free. 

You can remove bloatware that annoys the users. 

Cons Of TWRP Recovery On Vivo V20

TWRP doesn’t have a list of demerits. But installing the wrong file of twrp in your device will cause damage to your device. Always make sure that your device twrp file officially available on website.

The device will no longer secure once you install the twrp recovery.  These are some major disadvantage of Installing TWRP recovery

Important Before Install Recovery And Rooting

This is the most important part of this whole article. I know you’re thinking now how? Let me explain here’s I’m going to talk about facts and important things. Or you can say that without doing this you can’t install TWRP Recovery and Root Vivo device. 

First, Enable USD Debugging and Unlock device OEM. This is simple anyone can do this. The next important thing is you have to unlock Vivo v20 bootloader. This is key before rooting because it allows you to root the device.

Above mention, things depend on each other. Want to know how?

Don’t try to root without following our footprints. As you know short knowlegde id dangerous for you.

Let me explain, For rooting you have to install TWRP Recovery, and fro installing TWRP you have to Unlock the device bootloader. And lastly, for unlocking the bootloader, you have to enable the USD debugging which is again dependent on the developer option.

Is it complex? Here the simple form – Enable Developer option >> Unlock device bootloader >> Install TWRP Recovery >> Root your device.

You can root the device with different methods. So above pattern of rooting applicable if you want to root with the help of TWRP Recovery.

Now coming to the point, the next important thing is you should have a PC/Laptop for implementing the mentioned process.

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery On Vivo V20

Here are the exact footprints of installing TWRP on Vivo V20. Are you excited?  

  • Download the TWRP file of Your Vivo v20 then Renamed to twrp.img – Check out
  • Now copy that file and open Local Disk C.
  • In the Local Disk, C finds the folder named ADB. Open the folder and paste the recovery there.
  • Open PowerShell or Command Prompt, by holding the Shift + Right-click.
  • Then select either PowerShell or Command Prompt.
  • Now boot your Vivo V20to Fastboot mode. If you’re not sure your device connects  with PC using USB and type

 ADB reboot bootloader

  • Your Vivo V20 boots into Fastboot mode.
  • Now type

fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img

  • By entering that TWRP replaces stock recovery.
  • Now type command

fastboot reboot

  • Congratulation Your Vivo V20 Successfully install TWRP Recovery.

I hope you successfully installed the Recovery in your device. Rather than you have any question let me know in the comment section.

What is Android Root?

Root gives you access to modify the system codes, which is impossible for non-root users. Let me explain in a simple manner.

Root means you can add or remove some system files which is blocked by the device manufacturer. After root, you can add a lot of os codes in your device. Sounds crazy!

Merits Of Root Vivo V20

As per the above content, you already know that root allows you to modify the system files. which means you can remove the useless pre-installed applications. Remove unwanted ads from any application by modifying the application.

Once the device is rooted then you can install any android custom ROM on your device. But keep it in mind that custom ROM would not be corrupted otherwise you’ll face serious problems.

Don’t worry guys rooting is not rock if you’re following our guide exactly. I can assure you, you can easily root your device after reading this article. But don’t go with the root, without knowing its disadvantages.

Maybe after knowing the cons, you’ll change your decision of rooting your Vivo device.

Demerits Of Root Vivo V20

Like the pros, Root has a lot of negative sides but I’ll put lights on only major negative points. Who helps you make the right decision. Root void device warranty which the manufacturer gives you after buying the device.

But don’t worry you can bring back your device warranty by unrooting your device. Sounds good! The second, but most bitter part of the root is if you commit any little mistake while rooting. Then your device will brick. That’s the only reason I’m saying, again and again, to read properly.    

Let me introduce one more disaster of the root. Once you root your device then you can’t use any banking application. Yes, you read right. You’ll not eligible to do banking transactions.

Guide To Root Vivo V20

  • Download the latest magisk zip for Vivo V20
  • Now Switch off your Vivo Device and boot into the recovery mode
  • Press and hold the volume up + Power button and don’t leave until you see the boot logo. And always note down, don’t release the volume up buttons until the TWRP mode open in the device
  • Click on install and then select the downloaded magisk zip file (Which you download from above)



  • The device screen will look like this attached screenshot
  • Just tap on swipe to confirm Flash 

root vivo v20


All done!  You successfully Root Vivo Device by following the above steps. This is exactly how you can Root Vivo V20 with the help of twrp application.

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Now the time summarizes the above content. Hope you enjoy the whole content. Along with root, I want to inform you, what things are required to root. And what the right process to root.

Without a proper guide, you can’t root your device. So I decided that I have to teach you from basic what is the root, and how this is beneficial for you. Did you enjoy this guide? 

Despite reading you have any doubt regarding the root and TWRP Recovery installation method. Then make sure you comment below. I’ll reply as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can ask me from twitter. I’m too active on twitter.

Stay home stay safe.

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