How To Unlock LG K31 Bootloader? [Official Way]

Do you want to learn how to unlock LG K31 Bootloader ?, If your answer is yes, then well and good because here I’m going to guide you through the process of LG K31 bootloader unlocking.

I assure you can easily able to unlock your device, just follow our step-by-step guide to getting success in unlocking the LG device. But wait for folks! Before going to the next level things make sure you know about device keys. So let’s have a quick look at LG K31 specification.


The method which is mentioned in this article is working properly. So before going to the unlocking steps, make sure you have complete information about your LG device. TWRP UPDATE is not responsible for any kind of loss or mishappening. And this method is only for LG K31 devices, so don’t try this method for another LG device model. If you know already what is mentioned in this article, then use quick navigation to get your answer.

I suggest you to read this guide only, if you enough time. Because the process takes time to read, usually 10-15 minutes. If you don’t have time right now no problem just bookmark this page, so you can read this page whenever you have time. Hope you understand.

Why We Need To Unlock LG K31 Bootloader

I think you should know why you have to unlock your LG device? That’s why I’m adding this heading to clear your doubt.

By default, the LG device bootloader is locked. Because the manufacturer doesn’t want to allow you to change the device setting and more.

After unlocking the bootloader you have permission to install TWRP or CWM Recovery, you can also install Custom ROM On LG K31 device, without getting any security warning. And last but not least you can also Root your device. Interesting! Enjoy this guide below a cool guide waiting for you.

You can’t install a custom ROM without unlocking the device bootloader. These are some features that you can enjoy once you unlock the bootloader.

Unlock LG K31 Bootloader easily

I know you are eager to unlock the bootloader but I want to give you complete information about this topic. So for completing my promise below, I’m going to mention some pros and cons of unlocking the device bootloader.

This will help you to make the right decision whether you want to unlock or not. Hope this helps you. Let’s start-

Merits of Unlocking Bootloader on LG K31

  • Install Custom ROM’s LG K31 device without any warning
  • You can install TWRP or CWM recovery easily
  • Remove pre-installed application, Interesting!
  • Install Custom Kernal which will enhance device performance
  • You can root LG K31, by unlocking the bootloader

That’s all about the benefits of unlocking the bootloader. Hope this will help you. Now below I mention some cons of unlocking.

Demerits Of Unlocking Bootloader on LG K31

Some bad things about the bootloader and you should know about it. Because you’re going to unlock your device. Make sure you read completely this article.

  • Unlocking the device bootloader will void the device warrantywhich is sad about unlocking
  • Might be possible that during installing TWRP, You will be stuck in Boot Loop

So these are the major pros. I know many people avoid unlocking devices after reading this. But Root lovers are ready to get risks.

Procedure To Unlock LG K31 Bootloader

Here’s the matter on which the article roundabout. So take a cup of coffee, and concentrate here to grab the steps of unlocking. Let’s start with step-by-step

By clicking on one-click download, ADB & Fastboot drivers will automatically download. You don’t have to go to another website to download.

Note – The Device id and unlock id mention below is for example only. Don’t use the same id for your device. We’ll not be responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your own risk.

The process to install ADB Fastboot Drivers On PC/Laptop Easy steps

  • Install and allow this tool to Administrator Permission (It is a must)
  • Now tap on yes, in order to install ADB and fastboot drivers
  • Tap yes to install ADB system-wide
  • Tap, Yes for install Drivers
  • Now click on continue the Driver installation
  • Wait for the complete installation, it takes times time to install approx – 20 seconds
  • All set! You have successfully installed ADB and fastboot Drivers in your PC/Laptop

By following the above steps you have successfully installed ADB and FastBoot drivers. I want to suggest you take a complete backup of your device data by using your google drive.

For this Open Settings> Find Backup and Reset>click on both i.e. “Backup my data and Automatic Restore” Now click on Backup Account> Select your account on which you want to store all data.

Once again open setting> Google>Accounts> Select Your Android Data and sync with Gmail. That’s all now you’re good to go.

  • You have to Need an IMEI number of the LG devices. For this Dial “*#06#” after dialing you’ll get the IMEI number of your device.

This code is universal and the same for all devices. By dialing this you can get the IMEI number of your device. The keypad device also supports this number.

  • Now connect your LG K31 android device with your PC/Laptop

Bootloader Unlocking Process

  • Open CMD window and Type
adb reboot bootloader
  • You must have LG Device ID for getting Device ID type
fastboot oem device-id
  • Now the system will show you a message and this message contains the device ID
  • You Need Device ID for unique unlock ID
  • Now you have to combine Both ID’s and paste Example –
  • Then you have to copy the Device ID and IMEI number of the Lg device and paste them on the LG Dev Website
  • Steps – Visit Lg dev website> scroll Down> Tap on start Unlocking Bootloader >> fill device required details. Now Paste Device ID and IMEI Number
  • Then tap on confirm, After tapping you’ll receive a mail from the official LG with a specific file for unlocking the LG K31 bootloader i.e. unlock.bin
  • Inside CMD (command prompt window) type
fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin
  • Press Enter, Now last step you have to type
fastboot reboot

Well Done! Everything is perfect. you have successfully unlocked LG K31 bootloader.


The above article is for a specific LG device about How to Unlock LG K31 Bootloader. This method is working 100% because I mention official steps. So there is no chance of error.

Frequently Asked Question

How to get the LG K31 unlock key and device ID?

Make sure your device is connected to the PC/Laptop. Now Open the CMD window and Type “ADB reboot bootloader”. You must have LG Device ID for getting Device ID type fastboot OEM device-id. Now the system will show you a message and this message contains the device ID. You have successfully gotten your device ID of LG K31.

Is It Possible to Unlock LG K31 Without PC?

There is no one way to unlock the LG bootloader without a PC/Laptop.  Many third-party websites claim that you can unlock the LG bootloader without a PC but it’s wrong. LG community officially saying that you can’t unlock the bootloader of LG devices without the help of a PC.

This is the query that people search on Google, whether this method does not exist. Don’t try any unofficial method to unlock the LG device, This will cause the device damage. Which is an irreversible process.
Hope you enjoyed it.

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