What Can I Substitute for Cable?

“How can I get rid of cable while still watching TV?” you might be wondering. “How can I get access to cable channels without using the cable?” Do you want to know what the finest cable television alternatives are?

We resolved to sever the ties more than five years ago. We do not watch much television, but we did some research on cable TV alternatives. We knew we could watch our favorite shows while saving money with the finest cable alternatives.

We chose Netflix as an alternative to cable TV, as have many other people who are looking for alternatives. Now that we travel full-time, we frequently cancel and reactivate our subscriptions based on whether or not we will have access to dependable internet.

We have met a lot of people over the years who have gone to tremendous efforts to maintain their cable/satellite channels. Fortunately, there are numerous excellent alternatives to cable television available in today’s society.

There are options for sports fans, movie buffs, show fans, and more. We cut the cable cord and have not missed it in the least. We have not even given it a second thought! If you want to save money by cutting the cable TV cord, I am here to tell you that it is doable. However, I know that there are still some people among us who do not feel like letting go of cable TV. 

They are afraid of trying something new and I understand that. If you don’t want to leave your comfort zone but are also fed up with the lengthy cable TV bills, then we would recommend you to check out Grande cable. This cable TV provider gives you access to 40 plus Digital TV and local broadcast channels that too at affordable rates. 

Now that we have made the day for our cable TV fans, let us move on and address the real reason why we started writing this article in the first place. 

You can learn to save money (a lot of money!) over your lifetime by learning how to eliminate the cord. That money could be put toward retirement, travel, family, and other things. All you require is access to the internet.

What Can I Substitute for Cable
What Can I Substitute for Cable

Even while cutting the cord on the cable may appear to be a no-brainer approach to saving money, many people find it difficult. But today, I’m going to show you how to finally cut the cord and get rid of cable so you can start saving money right away. If you are thinking, “What’s the cheapest method to watch TV?” today you will find a variety of possibilities, including streaming services!

Here are 16-cable TV alternative

With a digital antenna, the cutting cable is simple

There are various ways to watch TV without cable, one of them is to use a digital antenna. When you think of antennas, you generally conjure up images of large, unsightly rabbit ears. You are probably also thinking about how the picture is never flawless and how channels might become hazy and nearly disappear.

Antennas are now digital, which means they are slim and allow you to view your favorite shows.  Because there is no monthly fee and only a small upfront fee to purchase the antenna, this is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to cable TV. You only have to pay for the antenna once, and then you can watch as many local stations as you like.

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Netflix is the best alternative cord-cutting

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most popular alternatives to cable television because it allows you to watch movies as well as TV shows. Netflix, which is also ad-free, making it simple to ditch cable or satellite.

Netflix is one of my favorite cable-free alternatives on this list, and it is what we have been watching most of the time. It is most likely one of the most well-known and effective television services. That is because Netflix contains some of our favorite television shows, which we could watch over and over. Netflix has been spending a lot of money on original programming.

They also introduce new titles on a regular basis, which keeps this option feeling fresh. It is also effective at figuring out what kinds of shows you watch and offering recommendations based on that information.

Hulu – the best cable streaming service available

Hulu is one of the finest alternatives to cable TV for watching current season episodes of your favorite network shows. Hulu has also begun publishing its own programming, such as The Path, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Casual, through Hulu Originals. 

Sling TV is a streaming service that offers an alternative to cable television

Sling TV works by granting you access to shows from some of the most prominent networks, as well as live television. You can watch Disney, TNT, Comedy Central, and other channels on Sling.

And, because Sling TV features ESPN, NFL Network, as well as add-ons like SEC Network, and NBA TV, I’ve been hearing more and more people talking about it as one of the greatest alternatives to cable TV for sports fans. 

I understand that getting rid of satellite TV owing to sports can be difficult, but there are alternatives these days! Sling TV also offers deals regularly where you may get a free streaming device when you sign up.


Philo has easy pricing and allows you access to more than 50 channels of live and on-demand television, as well as unlimited recording and a Philo app to watch on any device. It also includes AMC, TLC, Nickelodeon, Food Network, and other famous channels.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is already available if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. This makes Amazon Prime Video one of the best cable tv alternatives because you can watch both movies and TV series!

Amazon Prime Video offers current releases and oldies of your favorite movies and series, as well as Amazon Original Series.

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When we had cable, we, like many others, were not watching nearly enough TV to get our money’s worth. As a result, that money was squandered on low-cost cable television.

It was unusual for us to watch something that was not broadcast on a local channel or available on Netflix. This was the primary motivator for us to cut the cord. 

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