What Is Known About Diablo 4 Classes At The Time Of Pre-Release?

Very soon, Diablo 4 will leave open beta testing, and after calibrating all the new bugs found, the game will go into a full release and players will rush to conquer Blizzard’s servers.

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As always in the Diablo universe, all players will start on the selected character with a complete lack of equipment and level, and the first monsters will have to be killed manually and get at least some weapon from them to overclock their farming potential, and only then look for equipment specifically for their hero.

Local NPCs, of course, sell starting equipment, but initially there is no gold for it, and here you can do the following.

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The basis of classes in the world of Diablo

The class system in Diablo does not change much – it changes, rebalanced, combined, but if you played in previous versions, then many mechanics will be clear and simple to you.

Some classes are ideal for beginners, and some difficult ones, on the contrary, will be of no interest to seasoned players due to the large number of hours played.

Each class has its own special, consumable parameter, which is necessary for the full implementation of skills and abilities.

  • For magicians, this is mana – without it, it is impossible to cast spells.
  • For barbarians, this is rage – without it, there is no such acceleration of damage and the full realization of physical strength.
  • For necromancers, this is the essence – without it, he will not be able to raise the dead and use their power to the fullest.
  • For druids, this is a spirit – without it, he cannot summon the souls of the forest in the form of animals and take on their forms.

We will analyze each class and its strengths so that you can decide on the choice.


A warrior with exclusively melee attacks of the physical type. Can be controlled with all types of weapons that are in the game.

One-time increases damage due to limits – attack-enhancing skills that consume the rage parameter.

Rage builds up during combat during simple attacks and weak skills that generate resources for the Barbarian.

The main advantages of the Barbarian class

  1. The character can easily handle any type of weapon and increase damage and experience with it by attacking monsters.
  2. The ability to quickly switch weapons and squeeze bonuses out of them depending on the game situation.
  3. Accumulates rage and uses skills that greatly increase the power of his attacks for a short time. The total duration time can be increased with talents.
  4. He can restore his own health through situational skills with a long cooldown.
  5. Perfectly copes with any number of opponents.
  6. Especially effective against bosses.

The main disadvantages of the Barbarian class

  1. Vulnerability to ranged attacks and the need to quickly close the distance.
  2. In battle, it consumes all the accumulated rage and weakens in protracted battles.
  3. Has no ranged attacks.
  4. Has the most uniform gameplay among all other classes.

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A versatile class with melee and ranged combat, the ability to change appearance and summon creatures to help you. Can inflict damage and bleed, poison, and deal lightning damage on enemies.

You can summon the following creatures to help you:

  • Deer.
  • Wolf.
  • Eagle.
  • Snake.

Each species has its own type of attacks and focus, and you yourself can take the form of a bear, or a werewolf with a unique set of skills.

For a comfortable game, you need to constantly keep a supply of the spirit parameter necessary for the call.

Strengths of the Druid Class

  • Diverse gameplay and types of attacks.
  • Wide range of damage and debuffs.
  • The ability to strengthen your allies.
  • Change of appearance for different situations.
  • Bear power for increased damage and defense.
  • Werewolf strength for speed and bleed effect.

Weaknesses of the Druid Class

  • In some places, difficult gameplay associated with the control of animals and your hero.
  • Bear Form is slow and risks taking all incoming melee damage.
  • Werewolf Form is fast, but doesn’t provide consistent high damage.


The mage is one of the most interesting classes in Diablo due to the many magic schools and the possibility of skill combinations to achieve strong AoE damage.

The class is heavily dependent on mana, which can be generated using special spells of a weakened type, or by equipping the hero with equipment and stones that accelerate the overall mana regeneration.

Strengths of the Mage class

  • Great variety of skills, and therefore builds.
  • The ability to deal huge AoE damage to a large number of targets.
  • Interesting gameplay.
  • One of the strongest damage available in the game.
  • Stable damage regardless of the duration of the battle.

Weaknesses of the Mage class

  • Skill power can weaken at a more difficult stage of the game if you put everything into one build.
  • Weak physical protection.
  • Mana addiction.

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Not the easiest, but at the same time one of the most powerful classes in all parts of the Diablo games.

You raise the dead and make them fight for you. The number of animated allies depends on the corpse and essence values.

To replenish corpses, you need enemies around to die, and the essence is generated by simple magic attacks.

You will be able to summon skeletons and golems and choose the type of creatures summoned.

You can call on skeleton protectors, or mages and golems.

To summon, you need a book of the dead and a sufficient amount of essence and corpses.

You can always destroy your army on your own and get a strong buff for a certain amount of time.

Strengths of the Necromancer Class

  • Unlimited army erasing monsters around.
  • The ability to constantly generate resources.
  • Strong curses that weaken enemies and increase damage against them.
  • Effective both in a group and in a single game.
  • It has easy gameplay for beginners and low requirements for a successful game.

Weaknesses of the Necromancer class

  • Vulnerable to the enemy with the ability to quickly get close and beat the caster himself.
  • At the beginning of the game has a problem with the essence.
  • In more difficult stages, it becomes addicted to items that enhance specific skills.

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