Install Google Camera On Vivo V20

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Hope you’re doing well. So it’s the month of launching an android device. Vivo also going to launch some Vivo devices.

This article is not about launching device dates and more tech stuff.

Installing an incompatible version of Google Camera may harm your device. We’re not responsible for any kind of loss. So do at your own risk.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to install Google Camera on the Vivo V20 device. You don’t have to do some extra things to install Gcam on the Vivo device.

Install Google Camera On Vivo V20

We know how you’re thinking that is installing Google camera is safe? Here’s the answer is hell yes.

Let’s Explore more – Google Camera is totally safe. But officially it is not available for nonpixel users. Indirectly you can say that Android users can’t install Google cameras on their device.

But actually, it’s not true. As we already guide you in the previous article what things are required to install Google camera. And how can you verify that your device is eligible to install Gcam?

Before going to install step-by-step make sure you have enough information about Google camera.

What Is Google Camera?

Gcam Or Google Camera is developed by Google for android Users.  Android version 4.4 KitKat or above supports the Google camera officially. But the sad thing is that Gcam is only for Google Pixel device.

Installing Google Camera Application comes under risk. We’ll not responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your own risk.

Gcam is officially available for Google Pixel devices. It means you can’t install it in your android device. But You can install the Gcam Mod on your Android device. Just follow the article instructions you’ll understand how you can install the GCAM Mod on your Android device.


Before installing Google camera you have to check this one. It’ll guide you whether your device is eligible for google camera or not.

The first thing is you have to install the Camera2 API application and check the status. and the second thing is to download the right Google Camera.

I know the camera2 API is new for you so take a tour below to know more about this.

What is Camera2 API?

It’s a framework. Google giver camera developer option which contains more features than the stock camera. Control the shutter speed(ISO), focus, RAW capture, etc. With the help of Camera2 API, third party developers can create more features in their application.

How you’ll know that your device supports Camera2 API. Read the below paragraph which gives you a satisfactory answer to your query.

Check Vivo V20 Supports Camera 2API or Not?

First,  install the Camera2 API Application from Play Store.

We install the Camera2 API application in VIVO Z1 PRO. You can do the same with your device, Hope you got it.

But before going to show you the way, make sure you know what the mean of these words in GCAM.

Just read below mention 4 points and keep in mind logic will clear below.

  • LEGACY – If Legacy is green, that means your Android device supports only Camera1 API Or you can Your device doesn’t support the Camera2 API.
  • LIMITED – If limited is green, this means your Android device supports some features of camera2 API.
  • FULL – If the full is green, that means Your Android device supports all Capabilities of Camera2 API.
  • LEVEL_3 – If level_3 is green, that means your Android device supports the YUV reprocessing and the RAW image capture.

I hope this helps you to understand the below paragraph. We just install Camera2 API in VIVO Z1 PRO

Here first we install the application on Vivo Z1 Pro. Here’s the result

VIVO z1 pro camera2 API testing result
VIVO Z1 PRO Camera2 API Result

As you can see in the “Hardware Support Level” limited text is green color. And the other is Red.

I hope things are clear in your mind. This device does not support the Camera2 API Application as per the Hardware Support Level.

Now It’s your turn to test your Android device whether it supports the Camera2 API or not. Tell us in the comment section. And If your device doesn’t support, that doesn’t mean you can’t Use Camera2 API.

Guide To Install Google Camera On Vivo V20

Before downloading the Latest GCAM make sure you check the website is trusted or not. And also check that version of the Application should be compatible with your android version.

Download The Latest Version Google Camera

This is officially uploaded by us on google drive. (Original Google Camera no mod) – Google Camera

  • First, download the latest Google Camera Application.
  • Now, simply install and give permissions.
  • After a few seconds, GCAM will install successfully.

Officially the Google camera application is not available for this Vivo device. Once the officially or unofficially declare then we’ll update this article with the downloading link. Enjoy your Google Camera.


This article will completely guide you on how you can install Gcam on Vivo V20. Not only the guide but also mention the things and prerequisites so you can install Gcam securely.

Make sure you read the complete guide and everyone takes the right steps to install.

Hope this helps you to install Google Camera on the Vivo device. Despite you have any query, let us k ow in the comment section.

Our team will solve your query as soon as possible.

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