How To Install Custom ROM on Realme C3 In 5 Minutes?

Hey there, Welcome back to another How-to guide. This article is all about How to install Custom ROM On Realme C3.

Here I’m going to clear your all doubts about what is Custom ROM? How to install Custom ROM? and what is the use of Custom ROM.

Unstable custom ROM can damage your lovely realme device. So take proper precautions before installing any ROM. 

Android is Google Property, rather than making it open source, so developers are free to make Android changes. Such known as custom ROM.

Day by day, android users are growing, and people want more features and functionality on their android device. And the stock android is not able to fulfill the user need.

Here are the custom ROMs come to lead. Because it gives you the smooth experience of Android and a bloatware-free device.

Are you guys excited to know about the installation process of Custom ROM on Realme C3? Then this article is for you.

But wait! Do you know about the critical features of the Realme C3 device. So without wasting your time. Let’s talk about Custom ROM.

What Is Custom ROM?

A Custom ROM is a Source code which is provided by Google itself. Custom ROM gives you the functionality and authority to customize your device, which Stock ROM can’t offer.

In short – Because Android is an open-source platform OS, So anyone can edit or modify the functions to make Android better. I.e., referred to as Custom ROM.

Why Peoples loves Custom ROM

For a standard user, stock ROM is enough. Because the users don’t become aware of their freedom.

But many developers know about how they can make better os and enhance users’ experience of Android.

These ROMS gives you the ability to remove system bloatware, which is annoying every time. Isn’t it true?

Another big reason is that every manufacturer gives updates for a few years.

After a few years, they stop giving the device updates. That’s mean the old user won’t get the new function and features. Which is too bad for old users.

Custom ROMS comes to rescue those users. Who doesn’t get an update from manufacturers? By installing Custom ROM, you’ll feel like you have a new device that is 100% different from android OS.

These are some unbeatable facts about custom ROMS. Which is loved by almost every tech enthusiast.

Right now, several stock ROM is available to install. But most of them are unstable.

Don’t install any custom ROM without guidance and proper knowledge. It can cause your device brick. Be careful! 

Guide To Install Custom ROM On Realme C3 Device

Once the Custom ROM Installed On Realme C3 device, then you remove pre-installed apps. And you’re not bound to use any pre-built application.

This will also give you a smooth experience on Android, which you can’t imagine.

Take a tour of the necessary steps.

Check Out an article to install twrp recovery on a realme c3 device via official twrp application.

Necessary Steps

Installing Custom ROM comes at a risk. Do at your own risk. twrpupdate will not be responsible for any kind of loss.

Every step is essential to install custom ROM on a C3 device. Don’t try to skip anyone –

  • Create Backup – This is the Root step before installing ROM. Take a complete backup of the realme c3 device. Because installing process wipe out all data of your android device. For security purposes, you have to take full android backup.
  • Unlock Bootloader – The next important step is bootloader unlocking. You can’t install any custom ROM on the C3 device without unlocking the bootloader. Check out the guide to unlock realme c3 bootloader; you’ll quickly unlock the device bootloader after following the mentioned guide. Enable developer options before unlocking the bootloader.

Once you have done the above mention steps. Then all your work to find the best custom ROM for the C3 device.

To find the best custom ROM for your device. Check out this page and search your device custom ROM via google custom search –

Hope it helps.

Steps To Install Custom ROM On Realme C3

We considered that you already downloaded the best custom ROM for the C3 device. After you downloaded the custom ROM successfully, then follow the flashing ROM below –

  • First, Reboot the Realme C3 device into recovery mode.
  • Tap on the install button on recovery.
  • Find the downloaded file (zip format which you download in the above step) and select it.
  • Wait for completing the installation process of this file.

Congrats! You successfully install the Custom ROM on the Realme C3 device.

Check out this guide to install GCAM on Realme c3 android device to get more benefits.


This article is entirely dedicated to guiding you on how you can install any custom ROM on you’re Realme C3 device.

Believe me, it’s not challenging to install ROM on a C3 device. Just follow the steps above and get successfully customized ROM on your device.

The last steps you have to do, go to the page mention in below bootloader step and search for your device best custom ROM. Keep in mind that installing the wrong ROM on the Realme C3 device can brick the device.

Hope it helps you.

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Our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

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