Guide To Install TWRP Recovery & Root Moto G9 Plus

Hello, moto!  Welcome back once again we come with an awesome guide of installing TWRP Recovery. Considering the root is the important part so we decided to include the Rooting guide of this moto device. If you have Moto G9 Plus then you can Root Moto G9 Plus and Install TWRP Recovery on your device. As you know once the device is rooted then it opens the door of the new world.  After installing TWRP Recovery and Rooting you can do a lot of things. Who makes you devise a super device. 
Installing TWRP Recovery and rooting android device comes under risk. We’re not responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your own risk.
We’ll discuss in brief below. But we’re suggesting to you before doing anything to make sure you have enough information about a Particular topic.  Let’s explore about TWRP Recovery – 

What Is TWRP Recovery? 

TWRP – It stands for TeamWin Recovery Projects. It gives the touchscreen interface to install recovery files. You can also take the complete backup of your current stock memory.

Merits of TWRP Recovery On Moto G9 Plus

TWRP allows you to take a complete backup of the android device. Install Custom ROM (Make sure that ROM will not be corrupted) and much more.  Keep an eye on other benefits once you installed TWRP on the Moto device then you can remove bloatware. You can edit android OS files which are not possible for simple android users.  You’re also eligible to remove pre-installed system applications. This benefit of installing TWRP will attract users to install custom Recovery on their device. Secondly, you can take the complete Android data backup, which is again a good feature.

Demerits Of TWRP Recovery On Moto G9 Plus

TWRP doesn’t have a number of negative effects. But here’s we discuss the most popular drawbacks.
  • Device warranty loss
  • Bricking Problem
  • Can’t use banking application 
Here’s the complete explanation. Once you install TWRP Recovery on your device then the next moment the device warranty will be lost.  This is because the manufacturer gives a warranty only for their t & c. And on the terms and conditions, this is clearly mentioned that if you tried to change yourself in the device during the warranty period. Then the company will not responsible for any loss.  The second one is the bricking problem this is due to user mistake. Like by mistake you install the wrong file of twrp or did any mistake during installing then device gonna brick.  The third one but most hurt is you’ll not able to use any banking software. We hope that this will make your decision strong towards the installation of TWRP. 


You can’t ignore this. Because this is the heart of TWRP, Mean without doing this you’re not eligible to install TWRP Recovery. Here’s the first important thing is the bootloader. You have to unlock moto g9 plus bootloader which we already in the previous article.  Another important thing is to make sure you have a PC/Laptop for this. If you’re using TWRP official application then no need for a PC or Laptop. 

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery On Moto G9 Plus

  • Download the TWRP file of Your Moto G9 Plus then Renamed to twrp.img – Check out
  • Now copy that file and open Local Disk C.
  • In the Local Disk, C finds the folder named ADB. Open the folder and paste the recovery there.
  • Open PowerShell or Command Prompt, by holding the Shift + Right-click.
  • Then select either PowerShell or Command Prompt.
  • Now boot your Moto G9 Plus Fastboot mode. If you’re not sure your device connects  with PC using USB and type
 ADB reboot bootloader
  • Your Moto G9 Plus boots into Fastboot mode.
  • Now type
fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img
  • By entering that TWRP replaces stock recovery.
  • Now type command
fastboot reboot
  • Congratulation Your Vivo V20 Successfully install TWRP Recovery on moto g9 plus.
I hope you successfully installed the Recovery in your device. Dropdown your feedback in the comment section.

Guide To Root Moto G9 Plus

  • Download the latest magisk zip for Moto G9 Plus
  • Now Switch off your Moto Device and boot into the recovery mode
  • Press and hold the volume up + Power button and don’t leave until you see the boot logo. And always note down, don’t release the volume up buttons until the TWRP mode open in the device
  • Click on install and then select the downloaded magisk zip file
  • The device screen will look like this attached screenshot
  • Just tap on swipe to confirm Flash 
All done!  You successfully Root Moto G9 Plus Device by following the above steps.


This article is round about the twrp recovery installation process and rooting guide. Once you read a complete guide then you can easily able to install Recovery on your device.  Apart from this we also mention the pros and cons to give you more clarity about this topic. The purpose of adding the pros and cons to make your decision right.  Hope this helps you to Root moto g9 Plus device.   

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  1. I rooted my device with the help of magisk. I forget to take precautions. but everything is good now the method working perfectly.
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