How To Install TWRP Recovery On Realme X2 Pro?

Hey Realme Users!

Do you want to install TWRP Recovery On Realme X2 Pro android device?

In this article, we’ll guide you in-depth about how you can easily install TWRP on Realme X2 Pro as well as Realme X2 device. Are you excited to know?

Once you install TWRP recovery, then you can do a lot of customization. And that customization is totally on your hands. Sounds good?!


Once you install TWRP recovery, then the device warranty will void, and by your mistake, your device will brick. Do at your own risk.

But before installing recovery, you should know the pros and cons of installing the recovery. TWRP Recovery will give you the authority on the user’s hand.

Let’s start knowing twrp.

What Is TWRP Recovery?

TWRP stands for the ‘TeamWin Recovery Project‘. It’s open-source software. It gives the touchscreen interface to install recovery files. You can also take the complete backup of your current stock memory.

Merits & Demerits Of Installing TWRP On Realme X2 Pro

Pros and cons give you the clarity to do this process. So read this carefully, because this will make your mind to install recovery.

Pros Of Installing TWRP Recovery

As you know, already installing recovery on your realme x2 pro will give you the authority to customize more. That means you can install Custom ROM On Realme X2 Pro.

Not only Custom ROM, but you can also Root your Realme X2 Pro device.

The indirect mean of Root is you can remove device bloatware and install any incompatible application. Sound pretty!

Let me elaborate more about the pros of installing the recovery.

TWRP allows you to install custom ROM which is compatible with your realme device.

Cons Of Installing TWRP Recovery

The first and most hurtful disadvantage of installing recovery is warranty loss. Yes, Once you install TWRP recovery, then the device warranty will void.

Sometimes while installing TWRP recovery device will brick. (Incase if something has gone wrong)

You can’t be able to use and bank-related software officially.

These points are major Demetris of TWRP recovery. I hope this helps you a lot.

Important Steps Before Recovery

First, Enable the developer option and unlock OEM.

Charge Realme device at least 60-70% to avoid any mishappening during the installation process.

Suppose you want to install TWRP with the help of the twrp application. Then you to root your device.

This is necessary because the official TWRP application requires root access.

It would help if you unlocked Realme X2 Pro bootloader.

Guide To Root Realme X2 Pro

As you know, the official TWRP application requires root access to your device. So you have to root your device first.

Here’s the rooting guide.

Steps To Root Realme x2 Pro

TWRP official application requires root access of devices, so you have to Root realme X2 pro. Before the recovery process.

Take a deep breath, and Here are the steps to follow –

  • Download the latest magisk zip
  • Switch off your Realme Device and boot into the recovery mode.
  • Now Press and hold the volume up + Power button, and don’t leave until you see the boot logo. And always note down, don’t release the volume up buttons until the TWRP mode open in the device.
  • Tap on install and select the downloaded magisk zip file.
  • Now your device screen will look like this below screenshot.

As you’ll see, the button on your screen i.e. “Swipe to confirm flash,” Right! Just Swipe up, and you’re done. Congrats, you have successfully Root your Realme X2 Pro device.

Congratulations! The device is rooted successfully by this method. Now your android smartphone is ready to install recovery.

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery On Realme X2 Pro

Vital Steps

The device bootloader should be unlocked. And device should be charged at least 60-80%.

Next, make sure you download the right twrp file for your realme X2 Pro device.

Download the latest TWRP 

Charge device battery 60-70% if possible. You don’t need pc to perform this action.

The official link to download TWRP file for realme device – search twrp file

Steps To Install TWRP Recovery On Realme X2 Pro

To make things easy, we attached screenshots for more clarity.

  • First, Download TWRP official Application from the play store – Check out
  • Accept Terms and Conditions.
  • Tap the Option Run With Root Permission.
  • Next, Select TWRP Flash Option and accept their conditions.
  • Now, Find your device, or You can search your device by using the search bar.
  • Download the TWRP image file for your Realme Device and save that file in Internal Storage
  • Go Back To The Application and Tap on “Select a File To Flash
  • Find And select the TWRP image of your device (Which you download from the above links)
  • Select “Flash to Recovery” and then tap on Confirm

Everything is perfect; Soon, the process will complete in a couple of seconds. You have successfully installed the TWRP Recovery image file in your Realme Device. I hope you enjoy and easily understand our step-by-step guide.

Enjoy! The recovery in your device.

Now you’re free as a bird to install custom ROM, update the android version unofficially.

Final Thoughts

This article is sufficient to guide you in the installation process of twrp recovery. Realme X2 And X2 Pro both devices are working well via this method.

If you have any queries regarding this topic, then DM us.

Our team will solve your questions as soon as possible.

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