How To Unlock Huawei Bootloader? (A Definitive Guide)

Hey Huawei users!

Do you want to unlock Huawei bootloader? There are lots of ways through which you can unlock the Huawei bootloader. Which includes the official as well as unofficial methods.

Below we mention the exact ways to unlock the Huawei bootloader. But now official Huawei not provide the unlocking codes. You have to buy or join some of the relevant forms to get the unlocking codes. 

We’ll not responsible for any kind of Loss. Do at your own risk.

Are you excited to know the unlocking process? In this article, we’ll guide you with the most reliable way to unlock the Huawei bootloader. Don’t worry all the methods are working in the past and some are working fine nowadays.

It would be a game-changer for you. Let’s introduces you to the bootloader.

What is Bootloader?

The bootloader is a program that starts when device power is on to activate the operating system. In other words, an unlock the bootloader is key to make your device a super android device. Make sense!

Here’s the simple wording. Without unlocking the bootloader, you can’t root your device and can’t install any Custom ROM.

Pros & Cons Of Unlocking Bootloader

Unlocked bootloader gives you lots of benefits. Which completely change your experience to play with android.

You can install TWRP Recovery, Install Custom ROM, and Root your device. But this will happen only once the bootloader is unlocked.

If the bootloader is locked, then you can’t do the above mention things. This will make your device is a super device. Hope you enjoy this.

The dark part of unlocking the Huawei bootloader is the warranty. This will void the device warranty. If you put any wrong code while unlocking then the device will brick permanently.

Why The Bootloader Is Locked By Default?

Android OS is Open Source, but it’s doesn’t mean you can’t edit and install anything which is against security. For security purposes, the manufacturer of the device locks the bootloader to protect the user’s information.

Once the bootloader is unlocked, then the device will no longer secure. This is the main reason why the manufacturer locks the bootloader by default.

Vital Things Before Unlocking Bootloader Of Huawei Devices

Unlocking the Huawei bootloader is complex. And officially Huawei doesn’t provide any support to unlock the bootloader. IN 2018 Huawei officially announced that they’ll not provide any code to unlock the device bootloader.

Here’s the third-party website that comes to rescue the Root and custom ROM lovers. Some websites charging some bucks to provide you the codes to unlock the device.

Below we will guide how you can get the unlocking code. But getting an unlock code is not enough. Here are some things which you can ignore.

You should have a PC/Laptop to run the cmd codes and a USB cable to connect the Huawei device. Next, one is a charge the device battery more than 70% to avoid the sticking problem.

Guide To Unlock Huawei Bootloader Via KingoRoot – 1st Method

This especially guides you with the unlocking method via KingoRoot. This is the most using method nowadays. Because Huawei officially not providing the unlocking code. Here are the steps you should follow in order to unlock the bootloader.

  • Backup

The unlocking process will clear the device data. For safety, purpose makes sure you have your important data. This process is irreversible so this is most important.

  • Download KingoRoot

As you know Huawei officially not providing the unlocking code, here the KingoRoot comes to rescue us. Here the KingoRoot is not used for rooting. This is the alternative of Android SDK & USB Driver.

  1. First, Download Free KingoRoot for PC/Laptop.
  2. Now install completely.
  3. Connect the Huawei device with PC/Laptop via USB cable.
  4. Next, Enable USB debugging and developer option
  5. Open the KingoRoot by clicking the icon, after opening this will automatically download the USB driver of your Android device.
  6. Now find the “Kingo ROOT” folder and open this folder. After that find the “tools” inside the “Kingo ROOT” folder.
  7. Navigate the address bar and type “cmd” then hit enter
  8. PC/Laptop will show a pop-up cmd window, Then you have to run ADB devices. After running this command cmd window shows a serial number, which means your device is identified by PC/Laptop. If it does not show a serial number that means you forgot some step, in such case repeat these steps again to get success.

How To get Huawei Unlock code?

For getting the unlocking code you have to follow some steps carefully. Here’s they are

  1. You have to go on the Huawei unlocking page.
  2. Then create an account and login successfully.
  3. Now a pop-up notification will come up showing that “I have read and accepted all terms above” just tap the yes box and go to the next.
  4. Now they’ll ask for the information of the device, just provide the required information and tap on the submit button.
  5. Once you submit details correctly, Soon you’ll get the unique 16 digit bootloader to unlock the password or code for your Huawei device.
  6. Save this code in notes or somewhere safe drive.

Put The Unlocking Code To Unlock bootloader of Huawei device

Below we’ll mention the commands which you have to run on your PC/Laptop. while this process checks your device is properly connected to a PC/Laptop or not. Keep it in mind that your device is in fastboot mode.

  1. Open cmd and run this command – fastboot OEM unlock 16 digit code here (Note – Replace the 16 digit code here with your 16 digits unique code which you get on above steps)
  2. Now finally you have to Reboot the Huawei device. For this run this command fastboot reboot. Alternatively, you can reboot your device by holding the Power + Volume down button.

After following all mention steps above, a message will shop on your display or device will be stating boot. That means the device bootloader is unlocked successfully.

If you want deeper information the make sure you follow the official Huawei community. If you have any query related to Huawei bootloader. then drop your query below to get an answer from our expert.

Video To Guide Unlocking Huawei Bootloader

we assure you already unlock the Huawei bootloader by following our footprints. But still, if you are unable to unlock your device. Then make sure that you watch this video to unlocking the bootloader of the Huawei device.


Hope this helps you. Drop your thoughts about unlocking the bootloader. We’ll reply as soon as possible.


This is the most using method to unlock the Huawei device bootloader.

Many third-party sites selling the unlock codes. But we recommend trying the above method to save your money.

Read all the pros and cons carefully before unlocking the bootloader of your Huawei device. Don’t go directly to unlock the device unless you have enough information.

Many Huawei users get success to unlock the device after following this method. And we hope you’ll too include in that success list.

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