How To Uninstall/Remove TWRP Recovery & Restore Stock Recovery?

Hey Recovery Users!

Do you want to remove TWRP recovery from your device?

This article is dedicated to teaching you the all necessary steps to uninstall TWRP recovery from your android device.

We know many people getting bored with twrp. So they want back their stock recovery. But what if we say it’s not possible officially?

Yes, you read right! Removing/uninstalling TWRP recovery is not possible directly. But unofficial, you can remove TWRP recovery.

There are lots of reasons why one would want to remove the TWRP on his/her phone. For example, if you have installed TWRP recovery on your phone and you want to install stock recovery, then first you should remove the TWRP.

Below we’ll go into detail. If you’re a user of twrpupdate, you already know the pros and cons of uninstalling twrp.

But if you’re not then, we recommend you to take complete knowledge about twrp removing. How it’ll be beneficial for you?

Are you excited to know?


Remove/uninstall twrp is not possible officially. The method which we guide in this article is unofficial. So it depends on you whether you want to remove twrp recovery or not.

Do at your own risk. Officially website also said that removing twrp recovery is not possible.

According to you can’t remove twrp from your android device. The only alternative way is installing another recovery. This is the only way to remove twrp. Isn’t it interesting?

Why Should You Remove TWRP Recovery?

We know you enjoy it a lot after installing twrp recovery. But at one stage everything will look boring. So users want their stock recovery back because twrp has its own limitations.

There are hundreds of reasons to remove twrp recovery on android devices. In the pros and cons section, you’ll get more clarity about it. How removing twrp apk will help you.

Are you excited to learn about the benefits and cons? Below are all major pros and cons available, which you should know before uninstalling twrp recovery from your android device.

Merits And Demerits Of Uninstall TWRP Recovery

We all know the benefits of installing twrp recovery, but no one knows the removing benefit of twrp.


Once you remove twrp from your device, then the device’s official warranty will come again. Now you can claim your device warranty against any damage.

Next, you’ll regularly get updates from device manufacturers. (Limited time period)

Sometimes devices are stuck in bootloops while installing the recovery. So you’ll not phase this again because now you removed twrp.

The device is as secure as previously it was.


You’ll not be able to install customized Android applications. You’ll not be able to root your device with the help of twrp.

Now you can use all application which is already installed by the manufacturer. Maximum apps are unusable, but you have to bear these apps.

You can’t install any custom ROM. Because twrp helps you install custom ROM, and after uninstall twrp, you don’t have the authority to install any custom ROM on your Android device. Isn’t it’s bad?

Guide To Uninstall TWRP From Android

The method below we guide will work only for HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Asus, Nexus devices. This removing twrp method also works for similar devices. Removing the twrp method is also called install stock recovery.

If you have a Samsung device, then this method not going to work for you. For removing twrp on Samsung devices. You have to follow the 2nd method.

Steps To Uninstall TWRP With PC

  • First, download the stock recovery .img file for your android device. (Make sure the downloaded file will be compatible with your Android device.
  • Now set up ADB and FASTBOOT on your laptop / PC.
  • Next, Enable the Developer option and then enable USB debugging.
  • After doing this, open the folder where you saved the downloaded .img file.
  • Now, Open the cmd window. For this, press Shift + Right click at any space on your screen. (You have to do this on that folder where you saved the .img file.)
  • Open CMD window also called command prompt, and connect your android device with PC/Laptop.
  • Next, you have to boot your android device into bootloader mode; for this type, adb reboot bootloader in the cmd window.
  • Once your android device boots into the fastboot mode, then type this command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img into the command prompt window. (Change the recovery.img file name with your download recovery file name. Alternatively, you can change your download recovery file name with recovery.img) Both will work.
  • By doing the above step, you successfully flashed recovery on your android device.
  • Next, reboot your device. For this type, fastboot reboot in the command prompt.

Well done! You successfully remove twrp and installed stock recovery on your device. This is the complete guide to remove TWRP recovery using cmd or you can with the help of fastboot.

Guide To Remove TWRP from Samsung Devices

As we already told you above, the method will not work for Samsung devices. To uninstall twrp from a Samsung device, follow the steps below.

Vital Steps

For this, you need to download the latest Odin tool. So make sure you download the latest Odin flash tool.

Steps to Uninstall twrp from Samsung Devices

  1. First, unzip the Odin latest zip file. And then extract the .exe file on your PC/Laptop.
  2. Next, download the Odin flashable recovery .tar file. Keep in mind the downloaded file should be compatible with your device.
  3. Next, enable the Developer option and OEM unlock. (It’s almost the same for every device)
  4. Now boot your Samsung device into download mode. For this, switch off your device.
  5. Then press & hold the Home + Power + Volume down button at the same time. Soon you’ll see a warning on your screen.
  6. For accepting the warning, press the volume up button and boot into the download mode.
  7. Next, connect your device with a PC/Laptop.
  8. Odin tool will automatically detect your device. (If you’re device not Showing, reconnect your device with a PC)
  9. Now tap on the AP tab on the Odin window and select the recovery .tar file, which you downloaded in the 2nd step.
  10. Finally, tap on the start button on the Odin and wait for few minutes to complete the process. Once they are complete, then you’ll see a pass message on the Odin screen.

Samsung device will automatically reboot after completing the process. Well done! You successfully remove twrp from the Samsung device. Now you can disconnect your device.

Check out the official Answer about uninstalling twrp recovery here –

This is the complete process to uninstall twrp from Samsung devices.

But in case you want to update twrp recovery then make you follow this guide. Here’s you go –

How to remove twrp using TWRP?

  1. First of all boot your phone into TWRP recovery. To do so, press and hold the “Volume Down+Home+Power” buttons together for a few seconds, and as soon as the logo appears on screen release all buttons.
  2. Once you are booted in TWRP Recovery, If you have not already added the official TWRP repo in the custom recovery then do so by selecting the “Add more zips” option.
  3. Go back to the TWRP home screen and select Reboot > Recovery. Here, uncheck the “Use rm -rf instead of formatting for wipe/factory reset” option. (This is important otherwise you will not be able to boot into the device even after formatting).
  4. After this, if you are using the official TWRP then select ‘Advanced wipe’ to remove TWRP. If not then skip to Step 5.
  5. Here, Select “Advance Wipe” again and choose everything except “Micro SDcard”. Next, swipe on the Swipe to Factory Reset option.
  6. Now, go back to the TWRP main menu and press the “Wipe” button. Select everything except microSD card and swipe on the Swipe to Wipe option
  7. Once the wipe is completed, go back to the main menu inside TWRP and select Reboot > Recovery. This time uncheck all boxes while choosing the Reboot option.
  8. Now, your device will reboot into stock recovery.
  9. After this, you can now update the TWRP from the official repo source or install any custom ROM of your choice which comes without a built-in rooted kernel.

This step is for those who have a rooted phone and want to remove twrp without losing root access.

Want to install twrp recovery again on your android device? Check out here the 2 easiest ways to install twrp recovery on your android device with and without a PC.

Final Thoughts

This method is 100% tested by our users and Author. Keep in mind the process of removing twrp is different for some devices like Samsung. 

To avoid any mistake copy the commands from the article and paste them on the cmd window. 

Read all steps carefully. We’ll not liable for any kind of loss.

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