How To Install Custom ROM On vivo Y53?

Hey Vivo Lovers!

Are you bore with Stock ROM?

Do you want to install Custom ROM On Vivo Y53?

I’m 100% sure about it. You’re entirely bored with Stock Firmware. That’s why you’re looking for the best customized ROM for Vivo y53 device. Am I right?

Don’t worry, not only the best custom ROM, but I’ll also guide the descriptive steps to install Custom ROM on your Vivo device.

No matter which custom ROM you want to install on your Y53 android device.


We’re not testing every custom ROM. Installing custom ROM comes at a risk, and it may harm your loved Vivo device. We’ll not be responsible for any loss. Do at your own risk.

Before jumping to the next exact footprints, I want to ask you a question?

Do you know? What is the custom ROM? How it’ll give you benefit.

You don’t have to worry. Below I already answer all the questions.

What Is Custom ROM?

A Custom ROM is a Source code which is provided by Google itself. Custom ROM gives you the functionality and authority to customize your device, which Stock ROM can’t offer.

In short – Because Android is an open-source platform OS, So anyone can edit or modify the functions to make Android better. I.e., referred to as Custom ROM.

Why do you need to flash Custom ROM?

As a pro android user, you want to customize your Vivo y53 device according to your need. But what happens? You don’t have the authority to customize your device. Isn’t it’s terrible?

Here’s the Customized ROM that comes into play. It gives you full control in the user’s hands. That means you’ll do whatever you want to do with your android device (Like rooting, Installing unknown apps, and more).

Let me explore if it’s messy!

Custom ROM gives you freedom. You can remove unused apps that take space. I’ll elaborate more on the merits and demerits section.

Pros & Cons Of Installing Custom ROM On Vivo Y53

Merits and demerits give you an overview of how much beneficial custom ROM. Am I right?

We are coming to the point. How custom ROM gives you benefits. Here’s how –

Merits Of Install Custom ROM

Once you install custom ROM on your y53 device, then all control in your hands. You can remove the un-usual application that takes space and uses your battery un-necessary.

You can root vivo Y53 device easily and able to do more customization.

You can install all third-party applications that are not compatible with your device. And without asking permission from your OS. Isn’t it good?

Demerits Of Install Custom ROM

The most hurt is rooting, installing recovery, and flashing ROM because you can’t use any hind end security applications like banking. 

Guide To Install Custom ROM On Vivo Y53

Make sure you select the right ROM for your Y53 device. Because sometimes peoples install corrupted ROM. That causes the device brick.

But you can unbrick the device by flashing stock ROM on Y53 device, once you flash stock rom on y53 device. Then the device will become the same as you buy from the manufacturer. 

Vital Steps

These steps are necessary. Without these steps, you can’t flash any ROM on your device. Sounds Good!

Create Backup – Backup is a must. The reason behind this is installing custom rom will wipe all your data. For safety, you have to take backup. Many peoples love their photos that why taking backup is mandatory if you love memories.

Unlock Bootloader – This is another crucial step to install custom ROM. You have to unlock the Vivo y53 bootloader; you can’t do anything without opening the bootloader.

(Mean Install TWRP Recovery, Root, Custom Apps, and more.) The bootloader is the primary key to do all these things.

Steps To Install Custom ROM On Vivo Y53

We considered that you already downloaded the best custom ROM for the Vivo y53 device. After you downloaded the custom ROM successfully, then follow the flashing ROM below –

  • First, Reboot the Vivo y53 device into recovery mode.
  • Tap on the install button on recovery.
  • Find the downloaded file (zip format which you download in the above step) and select it.
  • Wait for completing the installation process of this file.

Congratulations! You successfully installed Custom ROM on the Vivo y53 device in just a few minutes. If you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section. 


This article gives you a complete overview of how custom ROM gives you the benefits. Not only the complete step by step descriptive guide to flash custom ROM.

Still have any query in your mind, then drop a comment, or you can reach us via Twitter.

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