Vivo Y53 working Stock ROM (Flash File)

This guide helps you to flash stock ROM on a Vivo y53 android device.

Yes, you read, right. No matter you flash any type of custom ROM on your device. If you’re looking to get back your y53 firmware. Then you’re at the best place to learn. How to download and flash the stock ROM? Are you excited?


We’ll not be responsible for any loss. The links attached in this article are not official but containing the Vivo Y53 firmware.

Download and install at your own risk.

What Is Stock ROM?

Stock ROM is the storage that comes by default with Android OS. And that android OS is also customized by your device manufacturer to give you more features. Stock ROM has limited functionalities. It is also called “Stock Firmware.”

Pros & Cons Of Flashing stock ROM On Vivo Y53

Like the rule of nature, everything has its own merits and demerits. So flashing stock rom back will give your lots of features back in your hand. 

Here’s in detail –

Merits Of Install Stock ROM On Y53

First, benefit of Flashing y53 firmware. If your device is brick while installing custom ROM. Then you don’t have to worry; you can unbrick your y53 android device via flashing stock ROM back on your Vivo device. Sounds Good!

By installing custom ROM on Vivo y53 device, security is already ruined. Flashing stock ROM bring back device security as well as warranty. Isn’t it interesting?

With the help of DB files of stock ROM, you can quickly fix IMEI of your device.

You can patch boot image, unroot Vivo y53, and fix some temporary issues. Like network issues, force stop applications that annoy you, and last but not least, you can reset your device easily.

All these are some pros and mix cons of installing stock ROM. Which one benefit loves by you? Let me know in the comment section?

Coming to the next primary step, before install stock ROM back.


Now the device will no longer root. You can’t more customize your device.
You don’t have the authority to edit system files. Once you flash the file, the device will be new as you open it the first time. No one likes the pre-build apps. Buy you have bear pre-installed application and their advertisement.

Download Vivo Y53 working flash file

These links are not official, but lots of users successfully download the stock ROM.

Here are the flashing files –

  1. PD1628F_EX_A_3.2.2
  2. PD1628F_EX_A_3.1.2

How To Flash File Vivo Y53

Warning – Don’t implement how to process directly without reading essential steps. Otherwise you’ll phase some severe issues.

Vitals Steps

Backup all your data. Charge your battery 70-90%. A PC/ laptop is a must to implement the flashing process.

  • First, download the flash file from the above links.
  • Next, download the QPST tool & Install the Qualcomm driver completely.
  • Now Run the QPST tool and add a new port. i.e., short test point & then connect.
  • Tap on Load XML and search for raw program_unparse.xml in stock ROM file.
  • Now tap on Load Patch and search for patch0.xml in the stock ROM folder.
  • Choose the firmware (which you download from the above link).
  • Now select download and wait until the flash finishes.

Once the flash process will finish. Then you successfully flash the file of the Vivo y53 android device.


The above guide is sufficient to flash Vivo y53 firmware. You don’t have to worry about the file links above mention. Because Vivo y53 flash file tested utterly. The software is uploaded somewhere safe because of safety.

Just tap and effortlessly download. Hope this helps you.

If you have any queries in your mind, let men know in the comment section. Our team will solve your flashing process query as soon as time allows.

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