Install Google Camera On vivo Y53 Device?

Hey Vivo Lovers!

Are you eagerly excited to install Google camera On Vivo Y53? We all are aware with the google camera benefits.

This article has gone to be crazy. I’ll go in depth and guide you the step-by-step process to install Gcam On Vivo Y53 android device. Are you excited?

But installing Gcam only is not the 100% work done. You have to double check some requirements. If you’ll don’t follow steps then, we can’t say you’ll successfully install google camera on Y53 device.

But before the important steps and process. Make sure you have some knowledge about google camera.

What Is Google Camera?

Gcam Or Google Camera is developed by Google for android Users.  Android version 4.4 KitKat or above supports the Google camera officially. But the sad thing is that Gcam is only for Google Pixel device.

Installing Google Camera Application comes under risk. We’ll not responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your own risk.

Gcam is officially available for Google Pixel devices. It means you can’t install it in your android device. But You can install the Gcam Mod on your Android device. Just follow the article instructions you’ll understand how you can install the GCAM Mod on your Android device.

You need to enable camera2 API on your vivo here. So below i mention all about Camera2 API.

What Is Camera2 API?

It’s a framework. Google giver camera developer option which contains more features than the stock camera. Control the shutter speed(ISO), focus, RAW capture, etc. With the help of Camera2 API, third party developers can create more features in their application.

Verify Camera2 API on Vivo Y53

Before showing you the Camera2 API the testing, you should know what is the meaning of some words.

Below you’ll see these words so make sure you know what the meaning of these words Right?

Just read below mention 4 points and keep in mind logic will clear below.

  • LEGACY – If Legacy is green, that means your Android device supports only Camera1 API Or you can Your device doesn’t support the Camera2 API.
  • LIMITED – If limited is green, this means your Android device supports some features of camera2 API.
  • FULL¬†– If the full is green, that means Your Android device supports all Capabilities of Camera2 API.
  • LEVEL_3 – If level_3 is green, that means your Android device supports the YUV reprocessing and the RAW image capture.

I hope this helps you to understand the below paragraph.

Check out the dedicated google camera installation guide of twrpupdate.

Check out – Install Google Camera

How To Enable Camera2 API On Vivo Y53?

Here’s a quick hack through you can Camera2 API. For this, you have to Root your Android device.

And if you’re the user of twrpupdate, then you know the exact process of Rooting any android device.

Just Follow our guide about how to Root Android device. All set you can easily Root your device by reading our guide.

Alternately you can follow the XDA Developers to Enable Camera2 API I”m sure that you’ll easily enable after reading the awesome guide by XDA developers. Sounds interesting.

Popular Features Of Installing GCAM On Y53

Below mention features are enough to attract

  • Smart Burst
  • Motion Photos
  • Night Sight
  • Super Zoom
  • Slow-Mo
  • Portrait
  • Photo Sphere
  • Video Stabilization
  • Shutter

Hope features are loved by you.

Guide To Install Google Camera On Vivo Y53

NOTE – Before downloading the Latest GCAM make sure you check the website is trusted or not. And also check that version of the Application should be compatible with your android version.


Google Camera installation require camera2 API.

Also do this before installing.

Go to the Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Application. That’s all, after doing this you can install the mod version of google camera.

You’re device should support camera2 API otherwise you can’t install google camera on vivo y53

  • Download the latest Google Camera Application.
  • Next, simply install and give permissions.
  • It takes a few minutes to install.
  • After a few seconds, GCAM will install successfully.

Congratulations! Google camera is successfully installed on Vivo Y53 device.

Final Thoughts

The installation guide of GCAM is totally descripted. Many users are already getting succeed to installing Gcam.

Now it’s your time to install gcam. But yeah only do if you really want to do. Because installing wring version may cause serious problem for your device.

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