Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung galaxy M31 Easily

So you want to Install Recovery of your Samsung Smartphone?. If your answer is yes, then this is the Right to learn. Today in this article, we will guide you to Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung galaxy M31 Easily. So basically Read this article till the end, we will provide some features of Custom Recovery in the below section. Sound’s good now follows this guide.

TWRPUPDATE is not responsible for any loss. We guide you all this, but we do not test every device. Make sure to do it at your own risk. This method of installing TWRP is only for Samsung Galaxy M31, so don’t try with another device.

A part of this article we also guide you on how you can Root Galaxy M31 device. Sounds Good! 

Requirements For Installing TWRP On Samsung Galaxy M31 

  • Before flashing Your Android phone bootloader has been unlocked 
  • Enable Developer option and OEM unlocking 
  • Your Samsung Galaxy M31 battery Should be Charged More than 50% 
  • You Can backup all the Important data then Save to Your Computer ( Laptop or PC )
  • Keep charge your device 70-80%
  • This Guiding Way to flashing Only for Samsung Galaxy device So don’t try On another Android smartphone otherwise Maybe bricked ( Gone to be useless )

Pros Of Install TWRP on Galaxy M31 

Below I ad some pros so this will helps to motivate you to install TWRP Recovery on your device.

  • Your Android device performs better before the previous version. ( Note )
  • You have root access to your device.
  • You can create Android Backup easily.
  • Your mobile battery life increase ( Because when you disable the pre-installed apps, then your battery go longer than before )
  • There’ll be not Bloatware. (Fewer ads as compared to other recovery Application )

Cons of Install TWRP Recovery On Galaxy M31

  • You will lose your mobile manufacturer’s warranty. ( So do this after the confirmation)
  • The custom ROM which you install may contain bugs ( Probably 80% possible ) 
  • Your android device went to be useless if you commit any mistake during the recovery process.
  • The customize rom file may be corrupted.
  • If you’re doing this the first time, then it is too confusing and time-consuming. 

By reading these advantages and disadvantages of TWRP Recovery, you got some idea about how beneficial the TWRP recovery for android devices. Read this Difference carefully. Hope! You enjoy.

Guide to Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Galaxy M31

These all steps are necessary for installation, if you skip any step then maybe you’ll face some difficulty while installing custom Recovery. These are the following –

The given link below doesn’t mean you’ll get TWRP IMG for your device. So be careful once they are officially available, we will update this link with official TWRP IMG for the specific device. TWRPUPDATE is not responsible for any mishappening. So do at your own risk.

  • Download Odin Flash tool for Samsung Devices, And Extract it on your PC
  • Now you Have to Download TWRP for your Samsung Device from Here.
  • Now Boot Samsung Galaxy M31 in fastboot Mode.
  • To Boot Samsung Galaxy M31 in fastboot Mode, you have to Turn Off then Press and Hold Bixby + Volume Up + Power key.
  • Now you have to Boot Galaxy M31 in Download Mode, do that, turn it off and Press and hold Bixby + Volume Down button together to turn on the phone. Now press Up Screen to boot in Download Mode.
  • Connect your Smartphone to Computer using the USB port
  • Now Open Odin in Your PC
  • Now ID: COM tab on your Odin will turn Blue which means your phone is successfully recognized by the Odin flash tool If it doesn’t reconnect your Device and check again.
  • Now tap on the AP button on the Odin Tool and Select TWRP recovery for Samsung Galaxy M31 you downloaded earlier.
  • Now Tap on Start Button
  • Sometime you will see the “PASS” Button on Screen which means TWRP recovery is successfully installed on your android device

Guide To Root Galaxy M31

  • The first thing is you have to Download the latest magisk zip for Galaxy M31.
  • Switch off your Samsung device and boot into the recovery mode
  • Now Press and hold volume up + Power button and don’t leave until you see the boot logo. And always note down, don’t release the volume up buttons until the TWRP mode open in the device.
  • Install and select the downloaded zip file


  • Tap on the “Swipe To Confirm Flash”  button 


Congratulations on following the above steps you successfully Root Your Samsung Galaxy M31 device. If you’re facing any kind of issue then make sure you drop the comments below. So we’ll respond to your question as soon as possible.

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This guide is sufficient to guide you about the rooting, and installation process of twrp recovery on the galaxy m31 device. The method which we mentioned above don’t require any PC, That means you don’t need any PC to root the galaxy m31 device.

Still, you have any queries in your mind then make sure you comment below to get an instant answer.

How to Root Galaxy M31 without PC?


The first thing is you have to Download the latest magisk zip for Galaxy M31. Switch off your Samsung device and boot into the recovery mode. Now Press and hold volume up + Power button and don’t leave until you see the boot logo. And always note down, don’t release the volume up buttons until the TWRP mode open in the device. Install and select the downloaded zip file. Tap on the “Swipe To Confirm Flash”  button.

Can i install Custom ROM on Galaxy M31 device?

Once you root your Samsung galaxy m31 device, then you can easily install custom ROM, customized apps and much more.

Is it necessary to unlock galaxy m31 bootloader?

Yes, Before rooting and installing twrp recovery, unlocking bootloader is the most important step. Without unlocking bootloader you can’t root your galaxy device.

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  1. Hey, if you read the twrp page, it says that the receipt very of Android 10 hasn’t been developed yet..? Could you explain? Or give the link for the exact modded version of recovery mentioned in the article

    1. Bill nye, yes it’s not developed yet, the link which I mention in this article is the official TWRP website. The Official TWRP is not present for this device, whenever the TWRP recovery available for this device we will update this article along with the TWRP link. Thanks for reaching us.

        1. my dear sir, this article as of now is incapable of guiding any user to install twrp, since the recovery is still in development, so the only possible outcome after following this, is installing an incorrect version and potentially bricking.
          I urge you to put a warning where the article mentions the link for twrp page to alert the user of this shortsightedness of the article, and as you mentioned, remove this warning once there is an actual recovery linked.

          This article is just a mere placeholder as of now.

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