Install TWRP custom recovery on nokia 5.3

Want to install TWRP custom recovery on Nokia 5.3? Today in this article I’m going to guide you on how to install TWRP custom recovery on Nokia 5.3 in just simple steps. 

Follow our step by step guide in order to install custom ROM on your android device. But wait! Before going to the next step you must have some information about your Nokia device. 

The good news is that Team Win officially announce that TWRP recovery now for  6.2 as well as for 7.2 I completely tell you step-by-step but right now let’s have a quick outlook on Nokia 5.3 configuration.

Installing TWRP Recovery comes under risk. We’re not responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your risk.

Pre – Requirements for Installing TWRP on Nokia 5.3

Pro Tip – Every point is important from the point of view of TWRP. If you skip any pre-requirement then maybe you’re facing some issue. As a result, you won’t be able to install TWRP on your device.

That why I recommend you follow every guideline step by step in order to install it. While reading this thing is clear in your mind that TWRP is beneficial or not for your Nokia device. What you think about it comment below your feedback.

Benefits of Installing TWRP recovery on Nokia 5.3

  • Performance of the device will be better than before
  • Replace the stock ROM as you want
  • Take complete Nandroid Backups
  • Use the modified application on the Nokia device
  • Flashing the new software updates
  • Enable MTP support

Sounds good! The above points show you the pros of installing TWRP on Nokia 5.3 every point is 100 sure make sure you have some knowledge about installing TWRP custom recovery. But if you going to do this first time then I’m sure that it takes a lot of time. As you’re a noob. But follow our step by a guide so you can install easily on your Nokia device.

Guide to Install TWRP custom recovery on Nokia 5.3

  • Download TWRP image of Nokia 5.3 and renamed this image i.e. twrp.img check out
  • Enable your Developer option & USB debugging
  • Now copy the downloaded file and place where you
 “install ADB” & “Fastboot driver” in Laptop/PC

Open command prompt window

 “cmd” for this hold shift + Right click
  • Boot Nokia 5.3 into fastboot mode by hold the volume up button + Power button at the same time
  • Connect this device with PC/Laptop via Micro c type USB or Nano USB
  • PC/Laptop auto-detect your Device
  • Now type
 “adb devices” 

in command prompt window

  • Next type “fastboot reboot-bootloader” in the cmd window
  • Type
“fastboot flash twrp.img”
  • After enter, this twrp will replace the stock recovery
  • At last type
” fastboot reboot” command

Congrats! You have successfully installed TWRP custom recovery on your Nokia 5.3 now you can add customize ROMs and install a moded application which your device doesn’t allow before. I hope this article helps you. Comment below if your android device along with the issue which you’re following at present. I’ll try my level best to help you.

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Hope the above mention articles help you to install Recovery on your device.

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