How To Install TWRP Recovery on Realme 5 Pro?

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can install TWRP Recovery on Realme 5 Pro. Yes, it’s easy. You can install TWRP in just 5 simple steps by using the official TWRP application. I’m showing you the step-by-step method with screenshots. But before going to show you the process to install TWRP Recovery make sure you have some information about TWRP.

A part of this article we’ll also guide you on how you can Root Realme 5 Pro device with the help of the TWRP Application. Interesting let’s start –

What is TWRP?

Installing Process of TWRP is always Risky. Make sure you have complete information about TWRP. TWRPUPDATE and it’s author none would be responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your own risk.

TWRP stands for the ‘TeamWin Recovery Project‘. It’s open-source software. It gives the touchscreen interface to install recovery files. You can also take the complete backup of your current stock memory.

Merits Of Installing TWRP Recovery 

TWRP gives you the touchscreen features to take backups and install the img files. So here I’m going to tell you some pros of TWRP Recovery. Are you excited to know,

Realme 5 Pro TWRP Recovery

Pros Of TWRP Recovery on Realme 5 Pro

  • You can create Nandroid Backup
  • You’ll get complete access of Root
  • Install Custom ROM
  • Remove system install application
  • Take complete backup of important data
  • Customize android device according to your need

Demerits Of Installing TWRP Recovery

With pros, there are lots of cons available. I think you should know about that,

that’s why I’m writing about this topic. Here are the cons of TWRP Recovery.

Cons Of TWRP Recovery on Realme 5 Pro

  • Realme 5 Pro warranty loss
  • The device will corrupt if you install corrupted ROM
  • You’ll face some unusual behavior of your android device
  • Android GUI will change
  • It’s Require Root access

Key Features Before Installing TWRP Recovery 

These are some key features because without following these steps you can’t install TWRP Recovery on Realme 5 Pro device.  Here’s the steps

Steps Before Installing TWRP Recovery on Realme 5 Pro 

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery On Realme 5 Pro

Install TWRP Application from PlayStore

  • Next, Install Application and accept Terms and Conditions

Install App and accept Terms and Conditions

  • Tap on Run With “Root Permission

Run With Root Permission

  • Now select TWRP Flash Option and accept their conditions

TWRP Flash Option

  • Find your device in the search bar

Search your device in the search bar

  • Then download the TWRP image file for Moto G8 Plus and save that file in the ROM (Internal Storage)
  • Now press Back button Tap on ” Select a File To Flash

Select device and file

  • Next, find And select the TWRP image of your device
  • Select “Flash to Recovery” and then tap on Confirm button

Flash to Recovery and then tap on Confirm

Done! Everything is done now. You have successfully installed TWRP Recovery On Realme 5 Pro. If you want to Root Realme 5 Pro then follow this guide. These are the easiest steps and implement them easily.

Guide To Root Realme 5 Pro

Many twrp users want to Root their device after installing twrp recovery on their device. So we’re going to guide you on how you can Root Realme 5 Pro device in just a few steps.

  • Download latest magisk zip for Realme 5 Pro
  • Switch off your Realme Device and boot into the recovery mode
  • Next, press and hold the volume up + Power button and don’t leave until you see the boot logo. And always note down, don’t release the volume up buttons until the TWRP mode open in device
  • Tap on install and select the downloaded magisk zip file


  • Now your device screen will look like this below screenshot
  • Just tap on swipe to confirm Flash


All done!  You successfully Root Realme Device by following the above steps. This is exactly how you can Root Realme 5 Pro with the help of twrp application.

If you more questions regarding rooting realme device, then make sure you comment down below. Our team will reply as soon as possible.


In this article, I guide you completely on how to install TWRP Recovery with screenshots so you can understand more easily. Now it depends on you, you want to install TWRP Recovery or not.

We are aware that many twrp users wants to root their device. For our users we’re also added a root guide to root your device. Just read implement and root simple.

If you have a query, let me know in the comment section. I’ll reply as soon as time allows.

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