How To Install TWRP On Redmi 7A?

Hey Guys, welcome back to another How-to guide. In this Article I’m going to show you how to install TWRP on Redmi 7A device. Do you know, You can install TWRP via 3 different ways. Every method is easy, as you can implement easily.

TWRPUPDATE and it’s author no one is responsible for any kind of loss. Installing TWRP comes under risk, so do at your own risk. For every device method of installing TWRP is different. Make sure you remember. Let’s play with TWRP ?

Here are the three different methods to install TWRP on Redmi 7A.

  • Install TWRP on Redmi 7A Via TWRP Application
  • Install TWRP on Redmi 7A Via Flashify
  • Install TWRP on  Redmi 7A Via PC/Laptop

So these are 3 methods to install TWRP on your Redmi Device. Flashify is just like the official application of TWRP. I’m a regular user of flashify app. That’s why I recommend this method to install. But wait, my dear friend. Because I want to show you some key features of the Redmi 7A device.

I hope you enjoy this guide. Now let me explain to you the key features.

Key Features Of Redmi 7A Device

These are the most loved key features of the MI 7A device. So let’s explore these features-

Key features of Redmi 7A


Display 5.45 inches, 76.7 cm2, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
Battery Non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery
Memory microSDXC(dedicated slot) , 16GB 2GB RAM, 32GB 2GB RAM, 32GB 3GB RAM
Camera 12 MP, f/2.2, 1/2.9″, 1.25µm, PDAF – Global, India
Selfie Camera 5 MP, f/2.2, 1/5″, 1.12µm
Sensors Accelerometer, proximity, compass
OS / Chipset /CPU /GPU Android 9.0 (Pie), Qualcomm SDM439 Snapdragon 439, Octa-core (4×1.95 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4×1.45 GHz Cortex A53) / Adreno 505

What is TWRP?

TWRP stands for TeamWin Recovery Projects. It helps you to customize your android device. And allow you to make system changes. You can do a lot of things and you can say that your device will behave like a super device.

The pros section will completely show you the advantages of installing TWRP on the Redmi 7A device. Are you excited to know about the merits of TWRP on this Redmi device? Before that, I want to guide you with some Pre-requirements, so that you can easily install TWRP on your device.

Pre-requirements For Installing TWRP on Redmi 7A 

In other words, you can say that these things are necessary for installing TWRP on your MI device. You can’t install TWRP on your Xiaomi device without following these points. So let’s discuss some requirements. These are

  • Unlock Redmi 7A Bootloader
  • Enable USB debugging and also enable OEM
  • Charge device battery at least 60-70%
  • Make sure you have a PC/Laptop (This is for the third method )

Below I’m going to explain the above mention points. If you already know then I request you to skip this step. This section is only for new users who don’t know the meaning of Pre-requirements. Why this is important to implement before installing TWRP.

Why Unlocking Redmi 7A Bootloader is important?
Unlocking Bootloader is necessary because it’s gives you the privilege to install TWRP on your MI 7A device. Believe me without enabling this feature you can’t install TWRP. It gives you permission to customize android system features – Like modifications. Before unlocking the bootloader a step is important that is mention below.
Why Enable USB debugging is necessary before installing TWRP?
This is the most asked query of the new user. So let me explain this process. Enabling USB debugging gives permission to a third party device (PC/Laptop) to modify the system. If you don’t allow USB debugging then no one can change your system. Unlocking the bootloader also comes after enabling USB debugging. Once you enable USB debugging then you’re able to unlock the system bootloader. MI bootloader Unlocking is the process through which you can unlock any Xiaomi device, but to be honest this process takes time because this is official.
Why I should charge the battery at least 60-70%?
Device battery plays the most important role during the installing period. Let me explain via example – Every work requires some energy for work done according to Physics phenomena?. Don’t worry I’m not going to explain physics here. That’s why the battery is important to do to this process. 60-70% is just estimation because sometimes this process takes time, so you should be charged enough to complete the installation Process Of TWRP. Hope you got it.

Pros Of Installing TWRP on Redmi 7A

TWRP provides you a lot of benefits once you install this on your MI 7A device. This line touch heart, because our mind likes the benefit word. This is off-topic let’s come on our topic. Sometimes many people install TWRP after reading the advantage, and here we win. Because we clear users every point. So let’s discuss advantages –

  • You can install Custom ROM On the Redmi 7A Device
  • Easily able to remove pre-installed applications
  • Remove device bloatware
  • Increase device battery performance
  • Install Any Custom ROM which you want
  • Update the latest version of android
  • Take a complete backup of the device
Increase Battery Life – This would be increase your batter life. Because when you uninstall useless applications that run in the background automatically. Then the consumption of battery would be less. Hence the device battery will go longer.

You can install custom ROM according to your needs. But keep it in mind ROM should not be corrupted.

Cons Of Installing TWRP on Redmi 7A

With pros, TWRP contains a lot of demerits which we mention below. Demerits don’t stop any user to install TWRP because I think Pros are enough to explain to you. why you should install TWRP On the Xiaomi 7A device. I hope things are clear in your mind so let’s talk about demerits –

  • 100% warranty loss of MI device
  • You’re not able to claim any warranty
  • The device would brick if you’ll do any mistake while installing TWRP
  • Sometimes devices stop working
  • MI 7A device will no longer secure
  • You can’t use any banking application

All these are major demerits of installing TWRP. I hope now you’re mind is set to install TWRP after reading this. Many users drop their mindsets to install TWRP due to these reasons. But my friend if you want more features on your handy device then you have to take risks.

That’s all I wanna say. Now I’m going to show you the promised method to guide the installation process.

3 Methods To Install TWRP on Redmi 7A Device 

So as I promised above I’ll guide you with three different ways to install TWRP on your MI device. Let me explain something the first two methods don’t require any PC/Laptop to install TWRP on this Xiaomi device. But the third method requires a PC or Laptop to complete this process. If you’re doing this first time, then I recommend you to 7A with the first two methods because they don’t have any such requirements. So you can easily implement it.


Let’s learn about the installation process via various methods.

Guide To Install TWRP On Redmi 7A Via TWRP Application 

Note – if you’re installing TWRP Recovery via TWRP official Application then make sure your device is Rooted. Because the TWRP application requires Root Access of your device.

This is the official method of the TWRP installation Process. So don’t worry about the success rate. If you’ll follow all steps carefully. Then I’m sure, you can easily install TWRP On your Xiaomi device. So start official method –

  • Download TWRP Official Application from play store –

Step 1. Install TWRP Application from PlayStore

  • Now install the application and accept terms and conditions

Step 2. Install App and accept Terms and Conditions

  • Tap the Option Run With Root Permission

Step 3. Run With Root Permission

  • Now click the TWRP Flash Option and accept their conditions

Step 4.TWRP Flash Option

  • Find your device name in the search box by entering the device name (Redmi 7A)

Step 5.Search your device in the search bar

It is not necessary that your device will appear on the list. This happens when official TWRP not available for your device. In this case, don’t download any TWRP file because it may cause to damage your device. You have to wait untill official TWRP not available for your MI device
  • If Redmi 7A image file available then download on-device storage
  • After downloading go Back To The Application and Tap on ” Select a File To Flash

Step 6.Select device and file

  • Now find the downloaded file and select
  • After Selection tap on  “Flash to Recovery” and then tap on Confirm

Step 7.Flash to Recovery and then tap on Confirm

That’s all you have to do. ? By following the above steps you successfully install TWRP on your MI 7A device. This is the easiest method that I see in my life. Rather than if you face any kind of issue the without hesitating let me know in the comment section. If you want more expertise solution. Then make sure you check out this XDA Developers guide –

We’ll try to solve your query as soon as time allows us. Right now take a break. If you’re excited to know another method then take a look at the below section.

Guide To Install TWRP OnRedmi 7A Via Flashify App

After the TWRP official app, this method is our most trusted method to install TWRP. Because of its easy-to-use interface. So let me clear something before you use this app. This app also requires root access to your MI device. So if you wanna install TWRP then you have to root your device first. Now let’s talk about flashy and how it works.

  • First, Download Flashify application From Play Store – 
  • Now download the TWRP file for Redmi 7A device from twrp official website
  • Open the flashify app
  • You have to give the permission of SuperSu
  • Tap on Recovery imageStep 2. Tap on recovery image
  • Click to choose the image file which you download then click ok Step 3. Choose a file
  • Once you select the file then after a couple of minutes. You’ll see a notification that you have successfully install TWRP Recovery on your Redmi 7A device via Flashify application.

If you want information about this topic then make sure you check out this official MI community thread –

I hope this helps you to clear your doubts. If you want to Root Redmi 7A then make sure you check out the magisk update guide.

Guide To Install TWRP On Redmi 7A Via PC/Laptop

  • First, Download the Odin Flash tool for Xiaomi Device, And Extract it on your PC
  • Next Download TWRP for your Redmi Device from Check out 
  • Boot Redmi 7A in fastboot mode
  • To Boot Xiaomi 7A in fastboot Mode, you have to Turn Off then Press and
    Hold Bixby + Volume Up + Power key
  • Now you have to Boot Mi 7A in Download Mode, do that, turn it off and Press and hold Bixby + Volume Down button together to turn on the phone. Now press Up Screen to boot in Download Mode
  • Connect your Smartphone to Computer using the USB port
  • Now Open Odin in Your PC
  • Next now ID: COM tab on your Odin will turn Blue which means your phone is successfully recognized by the Odin flash tool If it doesn’t reconnect your Device and check again.
  • Now tap on the AP button on the Odin Tool and Select TWRP recovery for Redmi 7A you downloaded Before
  • Now Tap on Start Button
  • Sometime you will see the “PASS” Button on Screen which means TWRP recovery is successfully installed on your Phone

This method is complete with the PC. So if you don’t have a PC or laptop then make sure you read above mention two methods.

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This article is all about the installation process of TWRP on the MI device model Redmi 7A. So first I showed you the key features of this specific device. After that some necessary steps which are important before installing TWRP. I already explained above why these steps are important.

After that, I mention the pros and cons of installing TWRP on the MI 7A device. Because many people love to read merits before doing anything. This is the only reason why I added that section.

Next, I cover various methods to install TWRP so the user can implement any method, which is easy for him/her. We don’t stop there we also added a related articles section because sometimes users confuse to find, i.e if I see another article like this then I can do this. So clearly this myth we added a related article section.

We hope this will help you. If you think we made a mistake then let us know in the comment section also you have any kind of doubt then you can ask in the comment section. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

Rest spread love by sharing this article with your friend who interested in this topic.

Stay Home Stay Safe.

See you in the next article?.

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